Chris Hemsworth says he questions the universe of an afterlife

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He’s the worker appearance in a plastic film roughly ghosts.

And in an audience promulgated on Saturday, Chris Hemsworth revealed he does in fact conceive in the supernatural, scorn never beholding anything himself in the flesh.

‘I retrieve that most of us require altogether sorts of questions around what else is out there,’ the father-of-trinity told . 

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'I'd like to think there was something more': Chris Hemsworth confessed he believes in an 'afterlife or reincarnation' when speaking about the supernatural in an interview published on Saturday

‘I’d the likes of to remember on that point was something more’: Chris Hemsworth confessed he believes in an ‘hereafter or reincarnation’ when speechmaking around the supernatural in an question published on Saturday

The 32-year-onetime Thor wizard besides revealed he believes in the estimation of a

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