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  • DApp that connects and integrates businesses and people across the globe.

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    Perspective description :

    To achieve global success and mass adoption, we need to make sure that people and business sectors integrates with each other and utilizes the Cardano platform. I would like to see life changing projects proposed like environmental and economical proposals that helps people and businesses succeed in the real world. If there’s any help I can offer is to vote for that best proposal that enables businesses and people to connect to each other transactionally with mutual respect bounded and protected by the Cardano DApp. To utilize the resources properly, we need great Entrepreneurs and Business people to run and utilize the platform with proper education on the matter. My wild thoughts is we need more genius entrepreneurs to utilize the platform and use it as a gateway to sell their products online on a day to day basis that way the ecosystem circulates economically and have a foundation to support environmental cause and charity foundations.

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  • Disorganized listing of proposals, lack of clarity after casting votes

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    Why is solving this problem important to the mission of Project Catalyst? :

    To increase efficiency and provide clarity to voters.

    Can you articulate the gap between the current state and the expected or envisioned state?

    There were many proposals that were posted in Fund3 and it can take some time scrolling down through a single drop down list. If we categorize proposals and and have separate category tabs, this will increase voting efficiency. Also once we cast our votes, the history of our past votes disappear and I found myself looking through the same proposals and wondering if I already voted on it. If there is a label or check mark next to proposals that we already voted on, that would solve this. Lastly, after casting my votes, I do not see any voting rewards and I wonder if my votes were counted or when/if I will receive any rewards.

    How might the value of solving this problem be quantified and/or measured? (optional)

    These are issues at the core level. As voters, we want to continue to contribute to Cardano, but the Catlyst interface needs to provide verification for our votes (via voting history tab) and separate proposals into categories. This will increase the overall effectiveness of the Catalyst voting system and increase user experience.

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  • Scale-UP Cardano’s DeFi dApp Teams

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    Challenge question :

    How can we encourage DeFi teams to build/deploy open finance solutions on Cardano?

    Why is it important?

    It’s important b/c Defi dApps provide trustless on-demand access to financial services for global users w/ Total Value Locked ~$25billion

    How does success look like?

    A competitive environment for DeFi on Cardano with an emphasis on cross-collaboration & driving composability across protocols.

    Key Metrics to measure

    How many DeFi protocols were launched on Cardano mainnet within 6 months from this DeFi focused community challenge?

    How many daily active users are the DeFi protocols funded in this cohort attracting?

    How much Total Value Locked (TVL) are the funded DeFi protocols able to capture 1 month post launch on Cardano mainnet? (measure again at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year post-implementation to glean complete insights on proposal challenge effectiveness)

    How many DeFi developers did this community focused challenge bring into the Cardano ecosystem?

    How many FinTech/DeFi development firms did this community focused challenge bring into the Cardano ecosystem?

    Challenge brief

    There is a concept that the DeFi community is well aware of, which is the composability of protocols / dapps. This allows several smart contracts of different dapps/protocols to interact with each other, this concept of composability is often referred to “DeFi legos”, in analogy to the LEGO building toy. In this analogy, each dapp / protocol would be a lego and the combination of these can leverage DeFi, creating more options, services, liquidity, among other positive aspects, but it can also leverage risks from poorly programmed, unaudited contracts, excess leverage and risks in general.

    Imagine that the primordial dapps were at the base of a pyramid and more complex dapps were built above these. These articles are a good source of information on the subject:

    If we want a rich and competitive environment for DeFi on Cardano we need to accelerate the development of these dapps and prioritize their development, the focus of fund 3 onward should be ensuring we are backing teams delivering DeFi dApp solutions across all of these.

    Challenge budget in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 250000

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    Want to register as a community advisor? Confirm all following statements are true: I want to serve as a community advisor. I did not submit a funding proposal for Fund3. I am not affiliated with any proposing team in Fund3. I commit to provide fair and thoughtful reviews. One or more of the above statements are false.

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    Funding Goal: $250,000.00

  • Yield Is King

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    Perspective description :

    One of the most disruptive use cases that will make Cardano a financial power house is to provide sources of safe savings that have a very low barrier to entry.

    It is a simple formula of: stablecoin + long term yield (5% or more)

    Most defi applications that I see in the space right now are highly speculative full time jobs that remind me more of day trading than any sort of savings vehicles. The most popular stablecoins are also tied to the US dollar, which is subject to the same deflation and inflation that happens with the dollar.

    This is one reason why the Federal banks and governments are so afraid of stablecoins. They are powerful.

    For Cardano to bank the unbanked, we have to start with stable, safe, boring, long term savings instruments with a yield that beats inflation.

    Watch the cryptocrow interview with Charles and Alex Mashinsky. As Alex said, “Yield Is King”. Create the foundation and the rest follows. I will be closely following all dApp proposals in this area!!

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