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  • ADA Notes – News Media Platform

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    Perspective description :

    News media Dapp that gathers articles written by journalist and runs them through a algorithm that can read key terms throughout each article. Related key terms could be used to indicate the likelihood the of articles being true or not. Also blockchain proof such as digital signatures from journalist, Documents, etc. could prove articles being true. Rewards for contributing relevant information or proving something fact could possibly be offered.

    How would successfully addressing the challenge looks like to you?

    A platform for whenever we need trusted information.

    Which metrics do you think we should track?

    Number of users using platform, number of articles being submitted/verified, number of transaction.

    What useful resources do you recommend proposers to check out before submitting their proposal?

    Any best practices you think should be adopted to this challenge? The Cardano way of doing things. Thoughtful, Unbiased, Decentralized.

    Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur

  • ADA Tips and Sponsorship (eg Patreon)

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    Perspective description :

    Am thinking out loud here but I think we need a DApp intended to be used to tip small amounts of ADA to websites or content creators.

    It can be set to auto-send a tip based on dates as regular sponsorship payments, as per the Patreon website/service.

    The pay-off for our community is that content providers will sign-up to receive donated ADA, and will regularly mention Cardano/ADA to their audiences as a way to support them.

    This will expand the Cardano awareness to a wide and diverse audience.

    A browser extension for desktop use could also be considered, as per Yoroi/Metamask/BAT.

    Emurgo already have Yoroi as a mobile wallet and browser extension wallet.

    Forking their code base would be a huge step forward.

    Or Emurgo could add the above features into the Yoroi wallet.

    Or a smart contract could be created to regularly pay out to a sponsored person’s ADA address.

    Thoughts on the concept?

    Which of these definitions apply to you? Stakepool operator

  • Bet Amongst Friends

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    Perspective description :

    We’re planning to build a simple dApp which will allow friends to create bets amongst themselves via Smart Contracts on Cardano.

    MVP will deliver a dApp & webpage allowing anyone (‘party1’) to create a bet (initially using win/lose/draw results in the 2021 Australian NRL Competition) by selecting the match and funding one side of the bet with ADA tokens. This will produce a sharable URL and QR code which can then be sent via SMS or email to anyone else. The contract will become live when side 2 of the bet is funded (by ‘party2’) with an equivalent amount of $ADA.

    In the MVP, the winning party will receive the total ADA held by the contract (ie. both amounts funded), except in the case of a draw, or any input timeouts, in which case each party will recieve their full bet amount returned.

    MVP will require an oracle solution to be live to retrieve the match result. Future iterations will include more markets (global) and any new coins tokens available through Multi Asset functionality.

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  • Cardano Defi Stack of Dapps & Protocols

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    Perspective description :

    One of the advantages that Cardano has over Ethereum is that we can learn from their mistakes. In 2017/2018 Ethereum was marked by the large number of ICOs, the majority of which did not yield good results. During this period the dapp of success on Ethereum was Cripto Kitties, which despite being fun and an experiment in the area of ​​NFTs did not add much to the community beyond speculation. Only at the end of 2018 the first really revolutionary dapps begin to grow in Ethereum, Dapps as Maker, Compound and Uniswap and 2019 was the year they became popular in the community.

    These dapps took years to build and become popular. The reason I’m bringing this discussion up is that in order to have a rich Defi environment on Cardano we need to develop our base Dapps as soon as possible.


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  • Cardano Role-based Access Control

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    Ideascale link

    Problem statement :

    How can we enable decentralized organizations to share ownership and access of digital assets such as server resources?

    Describe your solution to the problem

    Create a protocol and reference implementation defining a standard for creating and consuming RBAC policies on the Cardano blockchain.

    Relevant experience

    I’m a product manager and developer with experience designing, developing, and deploying enterprise SaaS B2B software.

    Website/GitHub repository (not required)
    Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

    Easy Overview

    Proposed Standardized Specification



    Market: My proposed solution should work with any blockchain that supports UTXO metadata of a size similar to Cardano.
    Product: My proposed solution will provide a key competitive advantage to Cardano in support of decentralized organizations. Organizations aren’t very useful when they are unable to control assets. With my solution, organizations on Cardano will be able to own digital assets. This is a known problem in the blockchain community with a well-defined solution for UTXO-based blockchains, but it has never been realized. See the following proposal for UTXO RBAC on the EOS blockchain:
    Acquisition: Having the only solution for defining decentralized digital assets control will push blockchain developers on the
    Cardano blockchain in order to organize DOs and DAOs around decetralized ownership.
    Cost breakdown: 160 developer hours @ $50/hr = $8,000 USD.

    • policy and policy-tx schema drafts finalized
    • CardanoRbac .NET class library completed with the following capabilities:
    • — Read RBAC policy from Cardano blockchain
    • — Find all authorized transactions related to a policy and compute the current policy state
    • — Given a wallet address and a web resource URI, determine the user’s permissions
    • Create a small sample web server that uses the CardanoRbac library to demonstrate a fully-functioning authorization system

    The following roadmap assumes that the developer will have to do the work outside of normal working hours, causing the 160 development hours to be spread over several months.

    • One month: demo server will be able to read a policy from the blockchain using in-development CardanoRbac library and schema drafts
    • Two months: demo server will be able to post a policy onto the blockchain
    • Three months: demo server will be able to read and validate all transaction metadata on the blockchain such that an up-to-date policy state can be computed on-demand.

    Four months: Bugs will be fixed, and schemas, class library, and demo server will reach a stable 1.0 release
    Intellectual Property: Every aspect of the project will be developed open-source from the beginning under the MIT license.

    Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 8000

    Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Developer

    Want to register as a community advisor? Confirm all following statements are true: I want to serve as a community advisor. I did not submit a funding proposal for Fund3. I am not affiliated with any proposing team in Fund3. I commit to provide fair and thoughtful reviews. One or more of the above statements are false.


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    Funding Goal: $8,000.00

  • Caring for the environment of our planet

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    Perspective description :

    The importance of caring for the environment is essential to maintain a healthy ecosystem of our planet.

    Promote the recycling of garbage, separate plastic products from organic products, we help with the care of the environment.

    By using blockchain technology, and developing intelligent garbage ,can reduce taxes for families that recycle a certain amount of garbage per month.

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  • Charity and Decentralized system by staking and stable coins

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    Perspective description :

    My proposal is encourage decentralization and charity using the advantage of staking reward system. This system will make grow up Cardano System. In the system, ADA holders give staking reward to new ADA holders as an incentive for promising buy ADA in near future. New ADA holder lock their cash, cryptocurrency and/or stable coins and buy ADA in feature by these currencies. Instead of these currencies lock, New ADA holder can receive a part of staking reward. The main merit of ADA holders is to get opportunity of OTC (over the counter) trading. Especially for the case of whale like huge ADA holders, it is difficult to sell their ADA since huge selling in usual trading will break ADA price. However, if they keep huge ADA, potential ADA holder will take warming for suddenly big selling by ADA whales. The promised future OTC trading will make grow up ADA price, speed up commercial use and decentralization of ADA holder.Also the locked currencies can use the funds for Cardano stable coins.

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  • Charity and Decentralized system by staking and stable coins for staking rewards and donations using stable coins

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    Perspective description :

    We propose ways to increase the number of new ADA entrants by utilizing some of the staking rewards of existing holders for the stabilization of the Cardano system and the growth and commercialization of Cardano. Future ADA with a part of the staking reward of the desired holder as an incentive
    Distribute the funds for purchasing ADA to new investors who have made upfront investments. If the price of ADA rises in the future, incentive investors can buy ADA through off-market trading from ADA holders. New investors will be able to take advantage of the ADA market with minimal risk. ADA holders can sell ADA without a drop in market prices. By attracting a large number of new entrants and generating a large number of sell orders and buy pressures that do not appear on the market, ADA prices will stabilize and commercial use will be promoted. In addition, it is possible to issue stable coins that are funded by the upfront investment of new investors. Similarly, we also propose a donation system by having the funds for issuing stable coins locked. A system that can easily cash stable coins and ADA will attract new businesses to the Cardano system.
    The Cardano system is the most robust POS system with processing power that can withstand actual use, and is the first choice when switching from POW currency to POS currency with less environmental load as the virtual currency market develops. ADA is an important currency that can be used for network stability of the Cardano system, community selection by catalyst voting, remittance fees when using Dapps, etc. However, if the market capitalization of ADA is low, the amount of ADA held can easily be biased. And the Cardano system can be easily destroyed if the ADA holdings are extremely biased. In addition, the price of ADA must be stable to some extent for commercial use. On the other hand, companies will not enter a system in which some ADA holders have a biased possession of ADA that does not destroy the Cardano system. Therefore, achieving price stability and diversification of ADA holdings backed by an increase in the market capitalization of Cardano and a high market capitalization is indispensable for the spread of Cardano.
    The presence or absence proposed here solves these problems and enables continuous cardano growth and decentralization, and future commercial use.

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  • Commoditized Labor with Peer-Approved PRISM Credentials for Necessary Skills and Democratic-Described Service Archetypes

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    Perspective description :

    We have clear examples of commoditized labor in apps such as Postmates, Uber, and Amazon Mechanical Turk, to name a few.

    In order to evolve such models so that they do not operate on up-front losses, operate under monopolistic/oligopolistic influence or control, and achieve more complex goals in the spirit of public goods and services, we must use Atala PRISM in combination with a democratic voting system to articulate archetypes of services. These services, especially more complex examples that require skilled labor, should be voted on initially for RoI, but ultimately be challenged to increase aggregate economic efficiency for Cardano participants, such that we can dynamically provide nuanced solutions for all potential producers in need of compensation for their labor and their niche expertise. From the consumer’s perspective, we can use an open system like Cardano to demonstrate the viability of projects with greater complexity, and show that they can be improved through iteration

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  • Community funding platform for Cardano Native Assets

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    Perspective description :

    Develop a community funding platform, similar to Kickstarter, that will focus on driving community led development of Cardano Native Assets, which are fully integrated on-chain assets that go beyond simple token standards, but incorporate on-chain asset protocol definitions, to demonstrate that native on-chain asset life cycle, such as native asset types, can be built on and live in the Cardano blockchain.

    Cardano is uniquely positioned with it’s robust, modular, IPC protocol architecture design to demonstrate the full potential of blockchain technology as a practical, but also decentralised asset ecosystem.

    The pending implementation of Goguen and KEVM can broaden Cardano’s appeal by enabling existing blockchain projects from the BTC and ETH based Smart Contract ecosystem to easily port over to the Cardano blockchain, while also potentially attracting new enterprise developers, if it can demonstrate the unique potential of the Cardano scalable architecture.

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  • Comprehensive Trader Space and Robust Data Streams for dApp Development

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    Perspective description :

    Blockchain utilization is directly correlated to the the amount of financial transaction capability within a system. As DeFi expands into a trillion dollar marketplace, blockchains which offer three quintessential solutions can expect an above-average rate of incoming liquidity from DeFi’s major sources. These solutions are: individualized Trading Tools, stable Data Streams for dApp developers, and chain agnostic utilization of these tools.

    Within this platform, traders will be able to include Cardano dApps and those of other chains on a unified and structured work space. This solution will galvanize the multi-chain capabilities already present within Cardano’s infrastructure and incentivize the bridging of billions of dollars into the Cardano DeFi ecosystem.

    Success for this project will be dApp development on a platform which highlights Cardanos ability to instantiate a true internet of blockchains.

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  • Create an educational platform

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    Perspective description :

    Create an educational platform where students are rewarded for learning and getting the best grades, each student deposits a fixed amount of ADA, if the student completes the course in a stipulated time and obtains better grades out of a total of students, they receive the ADA deposited plus a % interest earned during the course.

    Best Regards.

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  • Credit (Scoring) is King

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    Perspective description :

    A lot of money moves in the credit market – from short-term liquidity instruments to long-term bonds. Credit (and debt) are fundamental to everything.

    Banks have for years tried to figure out better ways of doing extracting profits more efficiently from this market. China with its CBDC will take things to the next level. The method everyone is seeking to do this is to find way to reliably price their instruments – which depends in large part on credit scoring.

    Credit scoring requires information about the entities receiving credit, which highlights a dilemma: How do we do this in the privacy-aware crypto world?

    To gain access to better rates, borrowers will be willing to release information needed for scoring and tie it, of their own free will, to real-world entities, actions, documents, and so on. In order to reduce risk and offer better rates, lenders will want the same.

    We need a secure mechanism for maintaining, and selectively releasing, this information.

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  • Cryptoart in the Cardano Blockchain

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    Perspective description :

    SuperRare, Known Origin, Makersplace, Rarible… look them up. They are all marketplaces for NFT (Non fungible token) art. They are all based in the Ethereum blockchain. They move A LOT of money and have a growing community of artists and collectors (20 or 30k) that spend the hole day creating, minting, buying and selling cryptoart.

    So the market already exist. And is working super well (Im an artist myself, although all the Eth i make I turn it into Ada haha). but of course there is a problem: gas fees.

    There are weeks in which the artists cannot mint (put art in a smart contract) new pieces because is too expensive. And I see people is getting sick of that. I heard that Tezos want to take over this market, but I believe they dont have the community that we do.

    We need to make a platform, convince some good and influencial artists (I know almost all of them because Im part of the community), and take over this big market to gain new users and the prestige that only art can give.

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  • DApp that connects and integrates businesses and people across the globe.

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    Perspective description :

    To achieve global success and mass adoption, we need to make sure that people and business sectors integrates with each other and utilizes the Cardano platform. I would like to see life changing projects proposed like environmental and economical proposals that helps people and businesses succeed in the real world. If there’s any help I can offer is to vote for that best proposal that enables businesses and people to connect to each other transactionally with mutual respect bounded and protected by the Cardano DApp. To utilize the resources properly, we need great Entrepreneurs and Business people to run and utilize the platform with proper education on the matter. My wild thoughts is we need more genius entrepreneurs to utilize the platform and use it as a gateway to sell their products online on a day to day basis that way the ecosystem circulates economically and have a foundation to support environmental cause and charity foundations.

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  • Decentralized Futures Contracts Exchange

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    Perspective description :

    Why do futures contracts exchanges have to be centralized? Let’s decentralized futures contracts on Cardano! Futures contracts for Bitcoin, for our precious ADA, for oil or any commodity for that matter.

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