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Perspective description :

News media Dapp that gathers articles written by journalist and runs them through a algorithm that can read key terms throughout each article. Related key terms could be used to indicate the likelihood the of articles being true or not. Also blockchain proof such as digital signatures from journalist, Documents, etc. could prove articles being true. Rewards for contributing relevant information or proving something fact could possibly be offered.

How would successfully addressing the challenge looks like to you?

A platform for whenever we need trusted information.

Which metrics do you think we should track?

Number of users using platform, number of articles being submitted/verified, number of transaction.

What useful resources do you recommend proposers to check out before submitting their proposal?

Any best practices you think should be adopted to this challenge? The Cardano way of doing things. Thoughtful, Unbiased, Decentralized.

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur

ADA Notes – News Media Platform

Goal: $1.00
By CarlosH
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