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Am thinking out loud here but I think we need a DApp intended to be used to tip small amounts of ADA to websites or content creators.

It can be set to auto-send a tip based on dates as regular sponsorship payments, as per the Patreon website/service.

The pay-off for our community is that content providers will sign-up to receive donated ADA, and will regularly mention Cardano/ADA to their audiences as a way to support them.

This will expand the Cardano awareness to a wide and diverse audience.

A browser extension for desktop use could also be considered, as per Yoroi/Metamask/BAT.

Emurgo already have Yoroi as a mobile wallet and browser extension wallet.

Forking their code base would be a huge step forward.

Or Emurgo could add the above features into the Yoroi wallet.

Or a smart contract could be created to regularly pay out to a sponsored person’s ADA address.

Thoughts on the concept?

Which of these definitions apply to you? Stakepool operator

ADA Tips and Sponsorship (eg Patreon)

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ADA Tips and Sponsorship (eg Patreon)


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