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The upcoming changes in the Cardano will bring a lot of new features, support for which is not implemented in existing blockchain explorers

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Our platform will implement support for native tokens, smart contracts, and all other new features in the Cardano blockchain

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Dmitry Stashenko – creator of and, computer science degree, 12 years of web-development

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AdaStat is the Cardano blockchain explorer developed at the beginning of the Incentivized Testnet launch as an independent alternative to the existing IOHK explorer. A distinctive feature of AdaStat is the ability not only to find blocks, transactions, pools, addresses, accounts, epochs, slots, but also the ability to follow the full history of pools and accounts: active epochs, created blocks, delegations, awards and much more. All this gives for ada holders the opportunity to maximize their profits by choosing the best pool for delegation, and for pool operators – the opportunity to analyze their own and other pools data and build the right pool strategy. In addition to the web version we offer a completely free API points for using our data on other sites. There is also a telegram bot that can notify subscribers about rewards, created blocks, changes in pool parameters, and other important things for operators and ada holders. In the nearest future we are going to add support for native tokens, smart contracts, etc. Also, based on the feedback received from our users, we are going to update the site template to make it more convenient for both the desktop and mobile versions (please see attached)

Requested funds in USD 20000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Stakepool operator, Community manager Platform Upgrade

Goal: $20,000.00
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Cardano (ADA) Blockchain ExplorerStatistics for pool operators and ada holders


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