Short Story

Problem statement :

The best materials promoting Cardano are very often hidden within long presentations; remaining unseen to a wider audience.

Describe your solution to the problem

I love finding these gems and turning them into short, inspirational, accessible videos that can be shared on YouTube and other platforms.

Relevant experience

10 years of experience as a video editor. 2 film degrees and I have already made examples: (YouTube playlist)

Website/GitHub repository (not required)
Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

I will use stock video footage and royalty-free music to make these videos. I will examine hours of Cardano presentations carefully for the best material. I will look to make videos on diverse topics explaining Goguen, Basho, Hydra, and Atala.

The requested funds are for a series of short videos amounting to 30 minutes of footage in total – not including what I have already made (which is about 11 mins in total so far).

After I have completed the 30 minutes – I will likely continue making these videos as I enjoy making them. I want my videos to communicate how Cardano works, and why it is superior to other blockchain platforms.

These videos will energize Cardano-enthusiasts, but their primary purpose is to attract developers into the Cardano eco-system.

The requested funds will allow me to make more effective videos. At the moment, I am limited to using free-to-use stock footage for my videos. This grant will allow me to purchase a subscription to a proper stock video footage platform, such as “Artgrid”.

Frequency: I will make a new clip every 2 weeks.

Timeframe: the 30-minute assignment will be complete within 6 months. However, I will likely continue making videos even after this quota has been met.

Cost breakdown:

I am requesting 70,000 ADA – which at today’s value of roughly 10 cents is $7,000 USD.

It takes me 2 and a half days to make a 2-minute video in the same style as my videos entitled “Three Billion People”, “SingularityNET”, and “One World Market”. This means it takes me about 20 hours to make a 2-minute video.

30 minutes will therefore require about 300 hours of work.

300 hours of work at $20/hour is $6,000 USD

Subscribing to a proper stock video footage platform is about $300/year for HD video. See:

The remaining $700 would go to basic overhead costs, and purchasing royalty-free music to use in these videos.

Requested funds in ada. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 70000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur

Advertising Cardano

Goal: $70,000.00
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