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Problem statement :

People want to contribute but don’t know where to start, most proposals/projects require too much commitment for people to join.

Describe your solution to the problem

Form an example team delivering dev support artifacts on 6 week cycle, while functioning as a template to form similar self-organising teams

Relevant experience

Academic: Data Structures, Cryptography

Professional: Facilitating agile processes in various projects, PO, back-end dev, architecture

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

This is an experiment.

An experiment to form small agile teams that will iteratively develop by proposing each funding round some deliverable they will do during that round. You can think of it as a 6 week scrum sprint and the community is the PO/stakeholder and the proposal is the sprint planning.


The idea is to start small and grow naturally, as the team gets more cohesive over time. At some point the team might become a full time powerhouse working on bigger projects, or split up into several independent teams who collaborate on a shared roadmap.


But for now we will start small as there is no point in planning what could very well end up happening naturally.


If you are interested in joining this experiment, let me know 🙂

You can add feedback or ideas on this Miro board:

Or join the discord:


A more visual version of this proposal is being worked on here:

Details (draft)
The goal is to form a small self-organising multi-disciplinary team of individuals following Agile principles. The team will deliver in a 6 week cycle matching the Catalyst fund rounds. The team cycle starts 1 week ahead of the fund cycle. The team will partake in sharing insights and create a proposal with a scope of ~4 weeks. While the proposal is revised and finalized the team works on the deliverables. These should be released in time before voting, so the voters know exactly what they are voting for. Members also are not burdened by having to make heavy commitments to each other.


The initial roadmap of this team is to provide open (source) documentation and developer support, starting with the use of transaction metadata. In addition the team will aim to make it’s process transparent and to provide support for others who want to do something similar.


(The idea behind also working on technical documentation is so that the team itself is actual functional example of a team adding small bits a of value iteratively)


Initial deliverable:
Documentation on Transaction metadata

  • conceptual
  • coding examples
  • functional examples

Team forming support

Brief description of the envisioned team:
3-6 members
First 3-4 members form a multi-disciplinary core, preferably with experience working in a self-organising team. 5 & 6 would be added slowly adding more inexperienced members. All members agree on new members.


Looking for*:*
To start, the team could really use someone to own the story of the team and someone to help dive into the technical details of Cardano and creating dapps


The team would seek to agree on an intention of effort, for example 8-12h per week. To keep things simple we will trust the intent and distribute rewards equally. This allotment could be increased by the team over time as they start to form a stronger bond.


I will add more information on signing up, the proposed framework, the team policy and a draft of the documentation on metadata in the following days.

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Agile Catalyst development teams

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