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ARMing Cardano

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How can we scale up a community of low-cost, energy-efficient stake pool operations that will help promote Cardano and decentralization?

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Creating tutorials and documentation for single-board, 64-bit ARM computers like the Raspberry Pi to be used in Stake Pool Operations.

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Developer, Stake Pool Operator, Entrepreneur, ADA HODLR.

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Using current social platforms like Telegram, many different, verified SPO ARM builds are shared. We’d like to gather these build instructions, review them with the ARM community and decide on the most popular builds with the most community support to start creating our documentation hub.

We’d like to build a community portal to host various links to suggested hardware, software packages, Github repositories, Stack Overflow answers, YouTube video tutorials on networking, IT infrastructure, security, power management, solar power and many other ideas.

Our goal is to help the Raspberry Pi community of stake pool operators around the world grow and flourish. We feel by leveraging the low power and cost requirements of the Raspberry Pi along with a massive community of developers, we can influence a much larger demographic of people worldwide who would be willing to introduce Cardano nodes in remote areas of the world further enhancing the goal of Cardano decentralization.

Finally we’ll partner with the official Cardano community to include our work on major Cardano platforms like so we can ensure we are getting the most exposure possible.

The Raspberry Pi community is about teaching people the power of technology and open-source software by providing small, resource efficient, affordable hardware to help them develop their skills. With such a low barrier to entry, we can empower people with little to no technology background up to understanding and running a mainnet stake pool on a very tight budget.

Requested funds in USD 8,000

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ARMing Cardano

Goal: $8,000.00
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