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Challenge question :

What will drive mass-scale adoption of decentralized IDs on Cardano?

Why is it important?

Atala PRISM DID is a gateway to the Cardano blockchain and ecosystem. Building technology and marketecture that on-boards users is crucial.

How does success look like?

Many high quality ideas will be proposed that can substantially grow Cardano’s user-base, network-utility, network-value & ADA circulation.

Key Metrics to measure

* The number of proposals that directly address mass-scale adoption in a quantifiable manner.

* The quality of proposals measured by community chosen metrics.

* Results of any Fund5 funded projects significantly impacting mass-scale adoption of DID’s and their utility on the Cardano blockchain.

Challenge brief

Since this is about a challenge and not a proposal, I think some collaboration and idea exchange on how best to frame this is an important consideration in the process with community engagement. My first pass is something like this:


Propose a means or way to drive mass-scale adoption of Atala PRISM DID as an easy-to-use onramp to the Cardano ecosystem. This can include any method that will offer users or entities a decentralized ID to start defining their digital self-sovereignty. Think about how this is implemented at scale drawing millions of users, who once onboard can become customers for dApps, tools, DeFi and other services.


NOTE: Please help refine this, it works better when we all have input! If anyone is truly passionate about htis and wants to be a co-submitter, let me know. – Rich

Challenge budget in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 250000 or Community Decides

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Marketing professional

Want to register as a community advisor? Confirm all following statements are true: I want to serve as a community advisor. I did not submit a funding proposal for Fund3. I am not affiliated with any proposing team in Fund3. I commit to provide fair and thoughtful reviews. I confirm, all of the above statements are true.

Atala PRISM DID Mass-Scale Adoption

Goal: $250,000.00
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