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Problem statement :

Creators of creative content are not properly paid royalties: there are no means of verifiably tracking royalty payouts.

Describe your solution to the problem

A media blockchain that is pay per play, and pays royalties direct to the authors/owners of the content, or as appropriated by media type.

Relevant experience

15+ years in the audio industry, struggling to monetize assets.

Educated in Music Business and Audio Engineering

2+ years on ETH contracts

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Creative content is published to IPFS. The resulting hash is tokenized in Non-fungible asset to determine copyright ownership and media type. Any royalty splits will be determined by media type, consisting of Original Content, Mechanical Licensed Work, and OtherOriginal Content has royalties paid to author, as it is original, and authored by a single entity. Mechanical licensed work, for example a song that is a cover of an original piece, will pay 10% to the original author, and the remaining 90% to the publisher/creator of the derivative work (within mechanical licensing criteria). Other media will be completely configurable via smart contract and is used when ownership criteria is outside of the first two categories.
System is pay-per-play, as well as purchasable content, and authors will be responsible for electing a node to host their files or can opt for self hosting, as the assets are not on chain, but rather stored via IPFS. Standard users will have means of earning funds to use protocol via curation; these users can become a node for specific assets they choose, and will be awarded a “finders fee” to incentivize the IPFS node, without having any access to the asset directly.
A governance layer is required for validating content into its media type. Validation will require x number of votes to be published by Validators, who will stake funds and be slashed for malicious behavior. All users of the protocol will be able to vote on protocol changes and will vote to resolve conflicts of ownership claims should they arise.
The protocol is completely decentralized and takes from already established protocols like IPFS and Non-fungible Tokens. Funding is required to fund developers, as once launched, there will be no profitable entity for these devs to earn from aside from using the protocol as a content creator or standard user. Funds will enter a contract that will release funds to devs upon launch of the service.

Requested funds in USD 75,000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Developer


Auto-Paying Royalty System

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