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Problem statement :

Ideascale is not pleasant to use, it sucks. As users, we feel more often restricted than empowered on this platform when proposing new ideas

Describe your solution to the problem

A native idea generation platform dedicated to Cardano blockchain. Open-source, simplified, gamified, modern, mobile, made to scale global.

Relevant experience

More than 20 years of experience in software engineering, design and marketing. Check under to read more about the team and our skills.

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Problem in details

Ideascale is not pleasant to use. As users, we feel more often restricted than empowered by this platform when proposing or reviewing new ideas.

Ideascale has many weaknesses: cramped and overloaded interface, too many user interaction choices by design, hard to understand what you have to do and when it is possible to do, not mobile friendly, and the list could go on…

These are some UX/UI flaws but there are some fundamental flaws. As a user Ideascale doesn’t propose efficient tools to skim through, filter out and keep track of a large list of ideas and feedback. It is like an email client without ability to see already read emails.

We talked about Ideascale design flaws. Now let’s talk about the open-source part. Cardano is an open public neutral project controlled by everybody, Ideascale is not. Ideascale is owned by a private company, therefore centralized and built for organizations working top to bottom in a classical centralized way. Idea generation platform for Cardano should be the opposite – built from the bottom up, open-source and improved by the community.


Solution, product

Our main mission will be to propose an alternative design and platform: open-source, simplified, gamified, modern, mobile, made to scale globally bottom up. Focused on one simple goal: help great ideas to emerge from noise!

Collective idea generation platform represents many different design challenges. Core design goals are, improving and simplify core interactions:

  • Create proposal
  • Guided questions
  • Limited char count
  • Editing proposal is a headache (takes so much time because it loses all the alignment and spaces)
  • Video answers support
  • New tags: request for skill tag, request for merge
  • Interactions at questions level (readers vote if accurate or not 🔼🔽)
  • Skim thru proposals
  • Quick skim
  • Review proposal
  • Interact with community members

Cardano needs its own native idea generation platform dedicated to Cardano blockchain projects. We’ll run interviews with some active community members to collect all the feedback of the platform. And we’ll propose the first design next week.


Involving community

During the pre-production stage we’ll collect feedback and ideas from fund1 and fund2 power users (people that have been using the platform extensively during the first funds).

Our design team will draft UX/UI concepts based on our initial ideas and their collective feedback. If feedback is positive, and community members like it, we’ll implement the proposal. Else, we’ll refine it.



  1. Writing the concept and user stories.
  2. Collecting feedback and ideas from community members.
  3. Making UX/UI high level.
  4. Creating an interactive prototype.
  5. Building a gamification engine/rules.
  6. Proposing technical architecture for development.
  7. Implementing design and making it a reality.
  8. Implementing backend and smart contracts.
  9. Releasing usable prototypes every 4 weeks.



  • Carolin Taling – Experience in business modelling, marketing and design. Been working 2 years with IT projects for web and mobile. Also running Huskypool.
  • Jean Philippe – more than 20 years of experience in building IT and software solutions. Owner of an IT company 021 Studio.
  • Dmitri – technical director of 021 Studio.
  • 021 Studio – We have high-level expertise in SAAS and web platform implementation, micro service architectures, modern backend and frontend technology.
  • Expertise in Plutus – open position!
  • Game theorist – open position!


Timeline and resources

It takes around 6 months to build the project ‘Better Idea Generation Platform’. To build that project we need:

  • 2 backend developers
  • 2 frontend developers
  • 1 smart contract/plutus developers
  • 1 UX/UI designer
  • 1 product owner
  • 1 part-time game theorist

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 55000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Marketing professional, Entrepreneur, Stakepool operator

Better Ideascale But Open-Source

Goal: $55,000.00
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