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Problem statement :

youtube / podcasts are inefficient and unsustainable.

Describe your solution to the problem

the contextually curated, collaborative and conversational #cryptocurrency content C₳ST. 😌

Relevant experience

my background/experience in web/graphic design, filmmaking to architecture, mean design thinking and storytelling are a core competency.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

Video form summary of proposal:




crypto is resetting the internet by creating a value exchange layer allowing for incentive alignment. what will be built atop of this will be paradigm shifting. imagine a near future where those in the mainstream, who’d be new to paradigm changing crypto-enabled sovereign identity, products, services and experiences will be interacting with them – without needing to understand the technical underpinnings, doing so thanks to the new social graph and trust network established by preceding incentivised early adopters. a near future where “there’s a Dapp for that“… 🤔

now imagine, in a nearer timeframe, where we early adopters having a two-way high-bandwidth low-latency broad reaching bilateral communication environment. an environment where these who are new to the space, having stumbled upon it on one of the many live streaming platforms, would start with live lessons of basics from concept breakdowns to wallet and or stake-pool setup. also where those already existing in the space would get a focused trustworthy source for the latest news contextualised, allowing for gradual organic establishment of domain experts within the community as well as debating advanced issues social or technical in governance, stake pool/delegator relations – but to name a few.

this is gradually being developed through segment collaborations with community members working on content from educational to finance. aware of the potential complimentary symbiotic relationship, recognising the opportunity for distribution to a focused captive audience and optimisation of their content creation. starting with fast turnaround covering of the latest happenings in crypto, with an eye to doing it differently, ultimately become a daily one stop shop for those wanting to be updated from a source they can rely on providing peace of mind 😌.

the community would also – via their mail/calender subscription – receive timely notification of educational segments as well as surprise guests segments.

Challenge: 🐣

the fundamental belief here is that in order for us to encourage developers and entrepreneurs to build Dapps and businesses on top of Cardano in the next 6 months, the chicken or egg problem needs to be solved. there’s no business without a customer, no seller without a buyer, no chicken without the egg. so with that in mind, pre Voltaire/Goguen coming online and stabilising relatively, it’d be difficult and perhaps counterproductive to have a broad push for Dapps – instead amassing an audience makes more sense. get audience, then the rest follows.

– – –

Impact: 💥

  • – effectively address the challenge, pre-Voltaire/Goguen online, high bandwidth low latency bilateral information flow, based on existing value (pre-Voltaire/Goguen) like delegation with higher rewards than banks, this will then garner a broader audience creating social proof/value signal for programmers/entrepreneurs


  • – focus on audience, technology Voltaire/Goguen will take atleast 6 months to come online and stablise – so tech (Dapp) implementation will be done then.


  • – not a personality or channel youtube/podcast (compromised integrity Ad-supported and platform censorship) or podcast (inefficient user experience and monetisation) solves for these fundamental flaws of existing standard.


  • – provenance, not through third parties – direct relationship, email/calendar (then DiD + pub sub after mvp)


  • – better communicators of the community


  • – aligned incentives, empowering community against the leveraged power dynamics (stakepools v delegators etc) stake pool operators would be, by means of needing to reach delegators, funding the development for the betterment of the platform for the community


  • – onboarding network effects (Metcalfe’s law into Reed’s law compounding) loop – monopoly: virtuous loop nfx post-interopability established trust reputation network






– – –


Feasibility: 📝

the proposals time constrained nature, de-risked/mitigated mvp, along with the 6 months breakdown plan coupled with my given experience/skillset, I believe that’ll provide sufficiently high enough assurance that the likelihood the proposal will be implemented.


– – –


Auditability: 🌡

– I believe we’ll be able to provide sufficient info to assess effective challenge address by cohort end (march 2021).

– metrics/kpi – followers/subscribers v mail/calender subscribers 1k, retention, concurrent viewers, geo data to influence scheduling and internationalisation.

– have created catalyst insight and feedback segment/series

– programming stability/feedback achieved for 24hr loop.

– spec for optimised web app with app web3 bridge / + DiD?

– weekly community update/Q&A video

– – –

Deliverables 📦

CAST has no “end” so to speak, its a 24 hour stream 7 days a week, 365 days a year – it’s open ended. so deliverables are primarily illustrated in the auditability section above measured within the cohort.


So to summarise, the intention is to aspire to have at least moderately 1,000 subscribers to the calender (people are territorial of their inboxes, so this is actually quite a tall order considering that these first few months are going to be really rough drafts – akin to the rehearsal phase during the development of a play.


To have a construct/skeleton for content and creation – collaborator framework with sentiment analysis and direct feedback to inform design improvements.


Lastly, have the web app ready for web3 functionality integration. (centralised streaming services/platforms to propogate the stream initially with private redundacy, part of web3 intergration would be exploring peer to peer)




Risks: 🧐

SWOT risks analysis + mitigation


Strengths: 💪🏾

  • – MVP can be cobled together with exising services


  • – designing in the open + open sourcing + creative commons (nc)


  • – provenance, owning customer relationship not through their parties – direct relationship, email/calendar then pub sub


  • – positive habit forming w/ low barriers to interaction, daily trigger with a streamlined action, leading to evolving utility reward with continued time


  • – single+multiplayer, evolving levels/goals


  • – metrics, analytics insight


  • – content creation optimisation, through apps like Descript and shooting ratio/shooting for the edit (see attached image ‘shooting_ratio.png’)


  • – self investment, obsession/perfectionism (iteration loop)






– – –

Weaknesses: 🥺

  • – expectation management


  • – yet to acquire the two people needed to advance past mvp


  • – covid post viral fatigue


  • – obsession/perfectionism (mitigate: iterate frequently )






– – –


Opportunities: 🔭

  • – pandemic, working from home


  • – ride the decentralised technology wave


  • – affordable resources time/cost of mvp


  • – community-centric monopoly – (nfx, brand, tech, early mover)


  • – habit forming possibility, stickiness






– – –


Threats: 🏴‍☠️

  • – poor technical execution


  • – legislative unceratinty


  • – macro economic volatility – crypto/fiat, employment


  • – political uncertainty headwind


  • – technical (hardware/software) failure


  • – execution risks


  • – pandemic


  • – scam brand/content misappropriation






– – –



Property: ✍🏾

content created will be released under Creative Commons NonCommercial (this is in an attempt to mitigate scam brand/content misappropriation – subject to change)

open source code for the font and back end of the web app and eventual web3 functionality.

– – –


Roadmap: 🧭

budget of ~£15k (₳ ~ 200,000) @£0.08


£192,432 ($250,000)


20% = 505,296


₳ 2,021,184 (100% = budget allocated towards proposals)

₳ 200,000 (£15k) = 9.90% (of the budget allocated towards proposals)


broken down into sections: fixed/variable costs, equipment, services and labour.

see link for spreadsheet: (work in progress)


Gantt chart coming at some point.

peak at few graphics (

– – –



facetime: 🤙🏾👀

comments on here (ideascale) at the moment aren’t the best way to understand or get clarity, so just reach out to me on discord ( as I’m quite open and keen to taking questions one on one – I’ll then iterate the proposal on here based on these conversations. 🙇🏾‍♂️

discord link: (















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C₳ST Onboarding… 7 Billion + 🗺

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