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from:  Alexander Watanabe

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I got started mining BTC back in November 2013, back when small operators could still *kind of* compete against bigger players using frankenstein multi-gpu setups. I lost interest in BTC as it became clear that industrialized setups were necessary to stay competitive, and that lead to centralization.

I got reinvigorated in crypto when reading Cardano in 2020, as having been away from the scene for a long time, it was exciting to see that PoS was not just an idea but actually coming online. It’s still amazing to me that this network is alive and running, and I want to figure out a way for delegators to fully appreciate just how special this network is in terms of what it allows for decentralization. To that end, I’ve begun working on a site for visualizing the networks geospatial and economic properties.

I’d like to further develop this, possibly by mapping competing blockchains into it, to show how strong and unique Cardano is.

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Capturing the potential of the PoS decentralized protocol

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