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A user can easily create an asset or NFT but the user does not have any guaranteed way to sell their token besides peer-to-peer trading.

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The marketplace will allow any user to sell any verifiable token on the Cardano blockchain using smart contracts written in Plutus.

Relevant experience

I am a theoretical astrophysicist who transitioned careers to become a dApp developer on the Cardano blockchain.

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The marketplace acts as an exchange for token swaps, similar to already existing swaps, but the defining difference is the token addition and NFT store.
The token addition allows any user to add a token on the blockchain to the marketplace. Upon adding a token to the marketplace, the token becomes tradable for any user holding that token. This means a user can create a token and that token, via smart contracts, can be traded immediately on the marketplace. This opens a new pathway for selling tokenized objects and will allow the marketplace to become the hub for trading user-created tokens.
This is incredibly important for users creating NFTs because anything that can be tokenized on the Cardano blockchain can be sold in this marketplace. This means art, tickets, houses, cars, anything that in theory can be tokenized, could be sold all in one place without a controlling party. This is huge and has a lot of implications that stretch much further than just a simple token swap.
The entire marketplace is basically a single peer-to-peer smart contract. I have some contracts modeled currently on Github. The contract basically forces both parties to lock ADA for trade confirmation, similar to Bisq. The swap will happen after both parties lock-in else funds are returned after some amount of slots. It’s a fairly simple model.
The prototype for the dapp is being built now and can be viewed at by clicking the Use Dashboard button. Please check out the company’s GitHub, anything smart contract or dapp related will be open-source such that the community will benefit whether or not the project gets funding. Please understand that the site is still in very early development and will be periodically updated.
The marketplace requires a lot of development that isn’t web-related. The entire marketplace relies on a web3-style wallet integration and random peer-to-peer smart contract execution. Both of which do not exist at this time.
I ask for this proposal to be funded such that the web development can be completed.

Requested funds in USD 5000

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Cardano-based Marketplace

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