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One of the advantages that Cardano has over Ethereum is that we can learn from their mistakes. In 2017/2018 Ethereum was marked by the large number of ICOs, the majority of which did not yield good results. During this period the dapp of success on Ethereum was Cripto Kitties, which despite being fun and an experiment in the area of ​​NFTs did not add much to the community beyond speculation. Only at the end of 2018 the first really revolutionary dapps begin to grow in Ethereum, Dapps as Maker, Compound and Uniswap and 2019 was the year they became popular in the community.

These dapps took years to build and become popular. The reason I’m bringing this discussion up is that in order to have a rich Defi environment on Cardano we need to develop our base Dapps as soon as possible.


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Cardano Defi Stack of Dapps & Protocols

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There is a concept that the DeFi community is well aware of, which is the composability of protocols / dapps. This allows several smart contracts of different dapps/protocols to interact with each other, this concept of composability is often referred to “DeFi legos”, in analogy to the LEGO… more »

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) stack built on EthereumA suite of permissionless, open applications and infrastructure that seeks to revolutionize and replace finance as we know it.


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