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  • Problem statement :

    How can we encourage developers and entrepreneurs to build Dapps and businesses on top of Cardano in the next 6 months?

    Describe your solution to the problem

    A Developer Community portal, to support and build reference material for new and experienced developers entering the Cardano ecosystem

    Relevant experience

    Experienced IT professionals – enterprise systems, applications development and solution architecture

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    This proposal is to establish an online developer community for Cardano to achieve a number of objectives:

    1. Be an initial reference library & knowledge repository for new developers to access useful links and resources related to Cardano, Cardano blockchain technology, and related resources

    2. Provide an active forum to raise relevant questions and support discussion of current and emerging technology being introduced into the Cardano ecosystem

    3. Actively suppprt developers seeking help, advice and suggestions to overcome technical issues / roadblocks from peers and the broader Cardano developer community

    4. Enable developers, technologists and entrepreneurs to share their ideas, showcase their projects and works related to the Cardano ecosystem

    5. Enable entrepreneurs and project teams to advertise and attract Cardano developers or promote new opportunities.

    The initial portal will be a proof of concept designed to capture interest, demonstrate potential functionality and build an initial early adopter and developer user base.

    Proposed components:

    1. Reference library and Cardano technical resources

    2. Training and educational resources

    3. Developer community forums and channels

    4. Profile and showcase proposals and projects


    Problem space

    The Cardano architecture and ecosystem has been designed and developed to provide a robust, modular and scalable, yet solid foundation for future growth and development. Cardano has followed a robust peer review assurance and release model, and is now emerging as a leading blockchain technology ecosystem for both blockchain and enterprise development.

    However, as an emerging ecosystem, it introduces many novel concepts, design approaches and uses the Haskell functional programming language that is not currently widely used or well understood by the broader developer, technology or blockchain communities.

    This presents both a challenge and opportunity to build the Cardano developer ecosystem by attracting new and experienced developers, technolgists, early adopters and entrepreneurs into the space.

    This proposal seeks to address this by making Cardano resources more accessible, and also providing a curated space for an emerging Cardano developer community to find, discuss and share useful insights to support each other as we build and grow using Cardano.

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Cardano Developer Community portal

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