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Challenge question :

Can you create a faucet to encourage adoption or usage of Cardano over the next 6 months?

Why is it important?

Adoption. If someone wins some ADA they’ll need a wallet.

May lead to Dapps, on-chain use & promotion of information about Cardano

How does success look like?

Interest & adoption by the wider crypto community

An ongoing Faucet(s) that continues to draw people into Cardano

Fun for our community

Key Metrics to measure

Has the faucet been used? – have the reward funds been used up

Did it increase user wallet adoption?

Did it use on-chain features? E.g. metadata or Dapps

Did it promote information about Cardano? Integration with current ADA infrastructure e.g. pooltool, adapools

Was it secure? Privacy of participants, lack of bot attacks

Growth e.g. mentions across ADA social media

Were the “tokenomics” correct? Did it provide too much or too little reward for participating?

Cost of creation vs prize fund amount

Bonus Metric: ease of use or “Proof of Dad” Get Charles to mention in one of his AMA’s that his Dad used your faucet

Challenge brief

Create some interesting, fun, secure Faucets that promote Cardano


Examples of other cryptocurrencies Faucets

satoshiquiz -Bitcoin

Black MonKeys – Banano

Adafrogs bubble pop game – Cardano

Social media tipbots

Coinbase Earn – multiple currencies

Challenge budget in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 100000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Other/Prefer not to say

Want to register as a community advisor? Confirm all following statements are true: I want to serve as a community advisor. I did not submit a funding proposal for Fund3. I am not affiliated with any proposing team in Fund3. I commit to provide fair and thoughtful reviews. One or more of the above statements are false.

Cardano Faucet Challenge

Goal: $100,000.00
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