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There is no Google searchable Cardano Q&A repository supported by the wider developer community

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Promote the proposal for a Cardano site in StackExchange using paid Google Advertisement

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I am a part-time programming enthusiast and a believer in the capability of Cardano to redefine the world.

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StackExchange is a Q&A site that has 3,79,426 Users in their programming community site called StackOverflow. Questions regarding programming are answered in minutes. There are no cash rewards on the site but the reputation on the site helps the prospective employers in judging the capability of the person, Therefore it is used by a large number of Developers.
StackExchange also provides an opportunity for any community to create their own site (free of cost) if the proposal is committed by 100 persons with 200 + reputations in any other StackExchange Site. Currently, communities like politics, Math, Cryptography, Bitcoin, Etherium etc exist in the platform. The user carries his reputation across these sister sites. The mechanism to rewards and control the community behavior in StackExchange has evolved over the last 10 years and it the best(according to my humble opinion).
The proposal to create Cardano StackExchange has got 250 plus persons commuting to support including 46 persons with 200+ reputation. There is a need to give more publicity to this proposal in the developer community to get the commitment from 60 more people.
The presence of Cardano in Stack Exchange will provide Cardano community members to even benefit from the knowledge of wide audience. Moreover, the Q&A process has a very strict quality control mechanism which is ideal to build up a Knowledge repository searchable through Google.
I propose that paid advertisements worth 500USD through Google be carried out to target future Cardano Developers to commit to the Cardano StackExchange site. (if the Site is not created before end of Fund 4 ). I have been using Reddit and personal emails to known developers to commit to the StackExchange Cardano proposal. (implicitly I am also using this forum for promoting the Stack Exchange Cardano site)

Requested funds in USD 500

Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Entrepreneur

Cardano in StackExchange

Goal: $500.00
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Cardano – A Stack Exchange ProposalProposed Q&A site for users and developers of the Cardano cryptocurrency ecosystem.


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