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Problem statement :

Scandinavia has an unlimited potential to tap from to provide solutions to the future of Cardano, however, there is no means to achieve this

Describe your solution to the problem

By opening a LCC in Denmark, you will be able to tap from some of the most innovative and skilled engineers of the future

Relevant experience

Educational background in marketing management and sales + international business communications.
Entrepreneur and crypto enthusiast

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

To lower financials costs of establishing a local community center in Denmark, and generally speaking, you should pick out 1 or 2 national ambassadors, depending on the countries demo/geographic, to establish a non-profit volunteering project.


Furthermore providing documentation, educational material and other relevant materials, will be a stepping stone to acquire unlimited untapped amounts of potential from future engineers, innovative thinkers and creative minds of the future in Scandinavia, with next to zero initial investments.


By picking Scandinavia, you are a 100% sure to be first movers, and therefore very literally writing history. On top of that it will help to kickstart the evolution of economics among wealthy countries, which in turn will be able to provide substantial investments into the project on a mid-long term.


It will be a life changing moment for everyone involved – and I would be proud to assist the community into this journey.


The requested amount would first of all go to transportation fees, as “if chosen”, I would go around to every major university and college in Denmark, hold a public speech event, and to inform people about the project. Furthermore the funding would be used for creating marketing material and other promotional activities.

Requested funds in USD 2000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Other/Prefer not to say, Marketing professional, Community manager


Cardano LCC – Denmark/Europe

Goal: $2,000.00
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