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Utilizing rewards in everyday life is rather difficult – having a way to easily spend our rewards would be very welcome.

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Connect your wallet to a Cardano card and have the possibility to exchange rewards to fiat and send them to this card at any given time.

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I have none, just wanted to put it out and hope someone with the relevant skill set thinks its a good idea.

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I would like to see a Cardano payments card (just as your credit/debit card is, or apple pay) to be used with Cardano. Specifically, with Cardano rewards.

If there was a way to easily convert ones rewards to fiat (via a dex?) at any given time, and then send this fiat to the Cardano payments card (which would be linked to a wallet and even used as an additional layer of security), it would be great for two reasons:

1. It would make it much easier to actually live off of Cardano rewards and use them in your daily life / occasional purchases / whatever else. The extra cash, which at current market prices is not negligible, would be great to use in the same way we use our bank cards. This is until accepting ADA in stores becomes normal. Then, we can still use this card, just without converting ADA to fiat.

2. It would keep people staking as it would be super easy to utilize the rewards for everyday life, and people will realize how useful this is. Very few would say no to a predictable passive income.

I get that there would be tax implications (although it depends on the country), but that’s each persons responsibility so its really a non-issue. It would be nice to have this option for those who wish to take advantage of it.

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Cardano payments card

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