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Problem statement :

High entry barriers for community members ready to contribute diverse experience and talents toward mainstream adoption of Cardano.

Describe your solution to the problem

Free, open source APIs & Project-Based Learning resources that empower people from different backgrounds to drive adoption of Cardano.

Relevant experience

A developer, an educator, and a marketing professional who share a passion for equipping all people with tools for solving real problems.

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Please see our attached proposal document for details including a Roadmap, Budget, KPIs and BIOs.

What we are Building

Cardano APIs as Community Service will serve as an entrypoint for developers by offering open, free interfaces for new adopters to explore ideas and launch proofs of concept for new projects. These public, free services will ease adoption of Cardano by providing infrastructure for initial setup and testing of ideas, therefore encouraging developers to start building by reducing the time invested from days to minutes.

Cardano Starter Kits (CSKs) are open source, Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunities for people to engage with Cardano in the real world, and to learn through experience what the Cardano platform can do. CSKs consist of smart contract code, voting apparatus, guided learning materials, and implementation tips. CSKs will support users to learn about Cardano while also producing real-world outcomes, and will vary in complexity, for everyone from beginners to experts. CSKs will not be “grab and go”, but are grounded in the understanding that we learn best by doing (experiential learning). Anyone who is interested will be able to build upon open source CSKs to start local businesses and to host local events that drive hands-on understanding of Cardano.

GimbaLabs is building a platform for sharing APIs and CSKs that allow users to share experiences about what works, what they’ve learned, and how to improve our open source resources. Community members will also be able to contribute their own APIs and CSKs, supporting our intention to make GimbaLabs a valuable resource for the Cardano commons.

Our Mission

Mobilizing everyone in the Cardano community by creating tools and real-world use cases that ignite the public imagination and facilitate adoption.

Our Vision

A world where as many people as possible are empowered to solve problems using the Cardano platform.

Value Proposition

GimbaLabs will create value and generate return on intention along three pathways. Note that we have created a user inventory (see attached document) to provide greater understanding on key target groups for our value proposition. First, here is an overview of our scope of work (Please see our attached proposal document for details including a Roadmap, Budget, KPIs and BIOs):

Path 1: Free, Public and Open Source Community Resources | Return on Intention

  • Develop free and open source Cardano Starter Kits and Cardano APIs as a Community Service that will support growth of the Cardano ecosystem.
  • Build a platform for sharing these resources among a community of builders and implementers.

Path 2: Educational Marketing for Cardano Blockchain Businesses | Return on Intention and Investment

  • Create custom education materials & APIs for Cardano blockchain startups that will drive adoption of high quality solutions
  • Consult with teams to create custom project-based education materials and APIs for a new businesses
  • Build capacity within new organizations to deliver in-house educational marketing

Path 3: Apply PBL to support Institutions with Blockchain Adoption | Return on Intention and Investment Beyond

  • Guide businesses, institutions and university partners toward blockchain innovation
  • Activate independent Internet providers in using Cardano to preserve neutral, censorship-resistant value networks.


Licensing, Sharing & Ownership

  • Software: GNU GPLv3
  • Non-software: CC BY 4.0


Please see our attached proposal document for details including a Roadmap, Budget, KPIs and BIOs.

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Cardano Starter Kits + APIs trending idea

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