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Hi everybody,

I will travel to East Europe this year and would like stick on as many Cardano stickers in different places as possible.

Why is it important?

It’s important because a lot of people will see Cardano stickers and eventually research it. Especially in East Europe adoption is needed.

How does success look like?

It’s hard to measure success here, but hundreds of thousands of people will see the Cardano logo regularly which could lead to more adoption

Key Metrics to measure

How many people will see the stickers? I would buy 2000-3000 stickers and affix them in all sorts of cities. Not only in East Europe, but also in my hometown Hamburg, Germany; I also know lots of people travelling, who would be willing to help me stick them on in different parts of the world. I would affix them in areas where many people live and also where it’s relevant (for example before banks or in crowded areas).

Very roughly (and probably even conservatively) maybe 100 to 200 different people will see one sticker; With 3000 stickers that would be 300.000-600.000 people. Let’s just say that 1% will be interested in Cardano after doing some fast Google research. That would still be roughly 5.000 people. And again, I think these numbers will probably even be much higher.

Why East Europe is good for some more marketing: a lot of people are underbanked there and would probably find Cardanos ideas very interesting (and hopefully also practical when DEFI on Cardano is possible).

Challenge brief

I would probably print a very basic Cardano logo with the name “Cardano” besides it. Like on the Cardano Wikipedia page. So everyone will understand it and not knowing what it means will hopefully spark curiosity…

Also, I would make a video where you can see the Cardano stickers in some cool (and famous) locations and photograph all affixed stickers, so you know that I have actually done the job 🙂


Thanks a lot for reading 🙂

By the way, I am 18 years old and have been following Cardano very closely since beginning of 2018. I just love the vision and the community. That’s why I would love to contribute a little bit to Cardanos success 🙂

Challenge budget in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 600

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Cardano Sticker Marketing Campaign

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