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There’s a lack of educational resources for members who want to know how to take an active role on Cardano, and grow their local community.

Describe your solution to the problem

Create an introductory Cardano training program to understand all its basics, and also a website to incentivize more community engagement.

Relevant experience

Team: Community management, entrepreneurs, website devs, and looking to expand the team with other interested participants as well.

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The problem we see and want to assess is that the members who want to take an active role in Cardano’s development sometimes could have troubles finding the right resources to start their journey, and also is difficult to find like-minded people who want to grow the community in the same way they want to.

The solution we’d like to propose is based on 4 important features of the proposal:

1) An introductory training program for ambassadors or coordinators, who are new members interested in learn more about Cardano and blockchain, and also learn how to grow their local community and the whole ecosystem, according to their specific interests (PS: the program should be created in collaboration with multiple blockchain educators and NPOs interested in working with the Cardano Foundation, and the structure of the program should be discussed further in depth, but we imagine we can make 2 separate areas, one more introductory and equal for all participants, and the second should be divided depending on the participant’s specific interests. The first draft of the idea of the program is being developed, and will be added to recieve feedback from the community soon).

2) Cardano academia and community chat website, a place where community can vote and submit their own courses and get rewarded for them, and also use the website as a space to create chat groups for specific regions or subjects, to chat and discuss ideas or projects they could have, incentivizing community engagement and also building strong relationships among ambassadors, entrepreneurs, developers, etc, who can find like-minded people to work together in projects they like.

3) Create a formal form to report Cardano events in a well-structured way, to keep up and follow the progress of the different local communities worldwide.

4) Create an ambassadors leaderboard, to incentivize community participation and reward the most efficient members in growing their communities, with things like future trips to official events, more resources for the specific community, reputation, etc (PS: This incentives and reward needs to be discussed further in depth too, and probably they wouldn’t be taking into account for the website development and partnerships/collaborations budget, in order to limit the amount asked for the deployment of the proposal).

NOTE: I’ll be addressing more details about future possible collaborations and co-submitters to this project in the next weeks, and I’d also like to add that anyone who like the idea and think could add value to the proposal is welcome to DM me at any time to see how we can work together on this. This projects I think it’s quite ambitious and its scale of impact is global if we can make a good resource out of it.

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Cardano training programs

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