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    TV Sports advertising is eye catching, dynamic and creative, Cardano will be the 1st to reach 1000s of Developers & Entrepreneurs eyes – WOW

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    TV Advertising puts the Cardano brand in front of people and offers credibility. Fully engaged viewers can be uniquely attracted to Catalyst

    Relevant experience

    Over 8 years’ experience building LED TV adverts with 100s International Brands, at 100s stadiums and 10+ sports Worldwide having 1m+ views

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    We are the official advert partner for multiple LED sales companies in the UK and have built 100s LED Adverts to date.

    Our partners find the business and we work with the brands to build their ads accordingly – occasionally they have a clear idea of what they required, however most of the time we present multiple ideas, which when combined we come up with amazing ads together.

    Although this can be very time consuming, it is also very rewarding.

    We have worked with some of the largest brands in the World including Coca Cola, Heineken, Expert, Remax, Velux, Stihl, Lidl, Unistar and many others ..


    Almost every stadium has different requirements and specifications on how they need adverts built (from movie format to specific advert dimensions).

    Some stadiums even require multiple formats for the same game.


    The following is a list of sports we have already built adverts for:


    – Euro 2020 playoffs

    – UEFA Nations League (2020/2021)

    – UEFA Champions League (2020/2021)

    – UEFA Europa League (2020/2021)

    – Czech Fortuna Liga (2020/2021)

    – Danish Superliga (2020/2021)

    – Portuguese Primeira Liga Nos (2020/2021)

    – Serbian Superliga (2020/2021)

    – Romania v Poland (2020)

    – Kosovo v Sweden (2020)

    – Serbia v Hungary (2020)

    – Romanian Cup Final (2020)

    – Slavia Prague v FK Jablonec (2020)

    – CSM Bucuresti v Valcea (2020)


    – Euro Basket 2022 Qualifiers



    – EHF Euro 2022 playoffs (2020/2021)

    – Serbia v France (2021)

    – Czech Republic V Sweden (2020)


    The list is virtually endless ….


    DEMOs (click to view)

    Here is a couple of examples of what we can do to attract Developers and Entrepreneurs to build businesses on Cardano

    Demo 1 – Animated LED advert with lots of punchy information

    Demo 2 – Simple scrolling LED advert with lots of punchy information

    (These demos are purely for illustration and will not be the final ones used)



    We will work liase closely with IOHK to work within their Brand guidelines and use appropriate fonts etc.


    Although we are unable to track how many people view the adverts directly on TV, we can however track those that interact with it and visit the website. Our existing clients have been very happy with the various dashboards and graphs we have produced to show them their ROI.


    We would love the community to vote on the many sports games we will have availability for this year and also vote for the various adverts we will produce – together we can choose the best way to spread the word of Cardano.


    A total of 50% of the football clubs in the top 20 of the Money League currently are or have been until recently involved in a partnership with a Forex company including Manchester City, Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Liverpool, Leicester, Zenith FC, Atletico de Madrid, Arsenal, West Ham

    and Watford FC have the Bitcoin logo on their arm this season !,in%20its%20online%20merchandise%20shop.

    Seven Premier League Football Clubs Sign Bitcoin Advertising Deal With eToro ..

    Bitcoin is sprouting up everywhere so there is awareness growing in the space, lets do the same for Cardano


    TV advertising is the quickest and most affordable way to establish the Cardano Brand and bring it to the attention of millions of people.

    In 2021 we will have availability to place adverts at literally 100s of sports events. This proposal will be for 6-8 matches. Each stadium and event has various prices attached so we use the community to help choose the games to ensure we are spending the ADA wisely.

    There is no point in us promising 25+ adverts as we would break the bank with the required ADA and would not be selected. We receive between 50% and 75% discounts with our partners so we are extremely confident in stretching the ADA as far as it can go. On average each game costs between $5,000 and $10,000 – we have brokered a deal with our partners for a fraction of that cost.

    Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 16000

    Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Entrepreneur


Cardano TV – Sports LED Advertising

Goal: $16,000.00
318 Campaigns | 0 Loved campaigns


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