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The E-commerce industry is growing by the day despite the pandemic. We need to come up with an app to solve financial transactions issues.

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In my Blocking Mobile Technologies academy, I preach much about Cardano and all that students ask is how they can buy cardano with a FIAT.

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We have experience in the mobile money business and also an instructor in the blockchain arena. BMT wants to focus on blockchain industry.

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We dream of a company using Cardano to power everything we do in Nigeria and African at large. We want to create a solution for Nigerians to ease payment transactions. Cardvrytin App will enable the following;

1. It will make payment faster, secure and safe with less or no fee.

2. It will be a store of value in the future where you spend and get value for your money with some discount that this program will support.

3. It gives you access to your money at anytime time.

4. It is completely decentralized and no govt can tamper with one’s money.

5. It will create more entrepreneurs as well as jobs for the youth. Who wants to use the app for training as well as for businesses like airtime top up, bills payment etc.

6. It will see huge members come into the Cardano platform thereby seeing us reach all time high and be among the first 3 by cryptocurrency market capitalization.


What does this mean for us as a business?

It means more confidence in the brand and more investors from the little entrepreneur to the giant players.

Eventually that unemployed graduate can start up his business with already existing platform and spread ADA business to all. I will also use my networking skills to market thousands of members to use out platform in performing mobile money activities.

How do you make money with Cardvrytin when doing Crypto Mobile Money Business?

My thoughts and ideas is that when one uses our app, they can make money every time someone uses their Referer link to join cardvrytin App


Our proposal is simply to enable us create an app powered by Cardano that can enable us carry out decentralized financial services in the e-commerce industry and still make money.


It is a dream to see that if my father wants to buy anything, he uses our cardvrytin app, if he wants to book for flight ticket he thinks of cardvrytin, if he wants to book for a hotel he uses cardvrytin, if he wants to recharge his phone lines he uses cardvrytin, if he wants to pay grandchildren schools fees he uses cardvrytin, if he wants to pay for transportation services he uses cardvrytin, if he wants to pay for his dstv subscription he uses cardvrytin, if he wants to buy things on e-commerce online shops like jumia, konga, just to mention but a few he thinks of cardvrytin. This is my dream for Nigeria.

We have more than 21million in population where our head office reside in Lagos not to talk of Nigerian population of more the 200million. Our target market is every household (b2c), primary, secondary, Universities and enterprise market (b2b) etc. We will march house to house and also do social media campaign. to drive adoption.

Our aim, is to use agents to drive every state and the agents make money through referers who uses their line. He can also make money using our mobile app to run a mobile money business which will help them generate revenue and of course reduce the rate of unemployment in Nigeria.


We dream of a cost friendly app where fees of transactions will be minimal or no fees. This is the true decentralization we dreamt of. If we can achieve this, then we own Nigeria market.


We need your support to refine and get us started.


Thank you for your support


Stanley Okwu

MD, Blockchain Mobile Technologies

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 150000

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