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My proposal is encourage decentralization and charity using the advantage of staking reward system. This system will make grow up Cardano System. In the system, ADA holders give staking reward to new ADA holders as an incentive for promising buy ADA in near future. New ADA holder lock their cash, cryptocurrency and/or stable coins and buy ADA in feature by these currencies. Instead of these currencies lock, New ADA holder can receive a part of staking reward. The main merit of ADA holders is to get opportunity of OTC (over the counter) trading. Especially for the case of whale like huge ADA holders, it is difficult to sell their ADA since huge selling in usual trading will break ADA price. However, if they keep huge ADA, potential ADA holder will take warming for suddenly big selling by ADA whales. The promised future OTC trading will make grow up ADA price, speed up commercial use and decentralization of ADA holder.Also the locked currencies can use the funds for Cardano stable coins.

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Charity and Decentralized system by staking and stable coins

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By Satoshi
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Charity and Decentralized system by staking and stable coins


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