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Chess APP incentivising Grandmasters to play lower ranked players + bespoke AI puzzles to improve each INDIVIDUAL player’s game

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Utilising blockchain to facilitate payments in cryptocurrency and also in rating between players. Play for rating points or crypto or both.

Relevant experience

I like to play chess and would like an arena where great players are incentivized to come and play those still learning to master the game.

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This is basically with a much needed upgrade which Blockchain Technology seems to be able to provide. The best plan would likely be to contact the creators of and work with them to implement this upgrade using the Cardano Blockchain…. and there is also good scope to include’s AI engines to aid in teaching players by their AI engines learning player’s weaknesses and giving them feedback, examples and potentially even relevant chess problems to help them improve on those areas of their game.

PS: Have no idea how much something like this would cost. Imagine would likely be incentivized to shoulder the costs themselves if they had full support to implement their systems to work with a blockchain backend

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CHESS – 600 Million People

Goal: $100,000.00
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