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Challenge question :

Is there an issue you care about that you would like to coordinate the community on?

Why is it important?

Emancipation in the long run, collaboration in the short term.

How does success look like?

Every single ADA holder is member of 5+ associations

Seriously – having a few 1000s of us forming multiple, authentic, targeted groups 🙂

Key Metrics to measure

– Number of proposals and teams willing to manage an association

– Number of people registering/engaging with a association

– Community engagement with proposers and the org. they create.

– Future proposals, initiatives and activity facilitated by winning proposals.

Challenge brief

Let’s coalesce!

As Cardano grows we should be discovering ways to self organize as a community.

A good first step imo would be to give people a way become representatives and members of community groups, focused on specific topics.

This challenge is mainly about giving people the opportunity to step forward as individuals and groups, and offer themselves as coordinators and hubs for the Cardano community, each according to their creed and focus.

(One (inviting) option for the community to start registering as recognizable (and legal) entities would be through associations which are run by a managing board that is elected by that group’s general assembly.

But even if people choose more centralized organizations, this would still be useful, as a minimal level of trust would have to be established for people to register with someone’s organization, and adhere to their policies.)

In the challenge proposers would propose to establish a specific group, with its agenda and properties, and the community will vote for the ones we are interested in.

These associations/coalitions/guilds/NPO/NGO/something else could have different properties –

  • Centered around different topics – Geographical, professional, political, subject matter, agenda, etc.
  • Different membership requirements.
  • Different management styles and governance mechanisms.


(An optional addition is a second round where people who register as members can also “register” themselves via ideascale/voting app, so we’ll know at least the size/popularity of each winning proposal. )

  • This challenge could serve as foundation for the expert class, and various institutions for sub-communities, and can be evolved as we progress.
  • It could be an opportunity to experiment with constitutions and novel org. structures like Holocracy or others.
  • Down the road I expect the system to become more decentralized and automatic, but we should not be tardy forming more traditional collaborations.


For the design of the challenge I would ask –

How can we encourage our community to congregate in different forums that are most –

  • Inclusive?
  • Fruitful?
  • Collaborative, open, and transparent?

Challenge budget in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 100000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Other/Prefer not to say

Coalitions & Associations Challenge

Goal: $100,000.00
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