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Problem statement :

Middle men are more informed than the farmers about the market condition of commodities thus they are more in power to control the prices.

Describe your solution to the problem

Decentralized exchange for commodities will reduce middle men and allow farmers better information about the market condition.

Relevant experience

By trade I am an Accountant but self taught web developer for past 1 year now transitioning to Haskell Developer for the past 5 months.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

Initially I was planning to do more extensive research regarding this problem. This problem I believe is more common to third world countries like the Philippines where I live. Farmers are forced to sell their goods at the prices demanded by middle men often times at their loss. A decentralized exchange where direct buyers and farmers can communicate would bring economic identity to farmers.


The problem is more research driven and rigorous study would be more appropriate so we could give the farmers (who will eventually be the users) high degree of assurance that the system would work as intended.


After extensive research formal specification of the software utilizing Cardano blockchain would be the appropriate way instead of the MVP approach. Again we need to ship high degree assurance that the software works so that Farmers or market participants won’t loss money that might be resulting from vulnerabilities that could have been avoided during development.


By this time we already have onboarded Haskell developers and partner who will build on it.

Requested funds in USD $20,000 would be spent for Research and Formal Method stages.

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Commodities Dex

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