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In developing nations, there is an underlying shortage of blood supply and a low number of blood donors to critical patients in need.

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RedToken is a SaaS application that connects hospitals to people/donors willing to donate their blood to critical patients in need.

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I am a UX/UI designer with relevant background in frontend web development as well as knowledge and experience in product management.

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It is said that a single donation can save 3 lives.

In Africa, blood donation and transfusion has been reported to be underperforming in quality and ease of access to critical patients due to a factor of problems ranging from;

• Persistent blood shortages coupled with increased poverty, creating another population of donors who give blood strictly for financial gratification.

• Negligent healthcare system and lack of proper health insurance schemes nationwide.

• Shortage of blood.

• Poor implementation of blood transfusion guidelines.

• Inadequate funding of NBTS leading to high blood prices.

• Inadequate designated blood donation centres/facilities.

• Low public awareness on non-remunerated blood donation arising from deep cultural myths and misconceptions.

Data On Blood Deficits

A number of studies have shown factors leading to blood supply deficits. Below is a chart detailing the factors leading to supply deficits.

• Fear of contracting TTIs (Transfusion-Transmissible Infections) (52.4%)

Fear of side effects such as;

• Weight loss (23.8%)

• Sudden death (3.3%)

• Sexual failure (5.9%)

• High blood pressure (5.2%)

• Concussions (1.5%)


RedToken awards users/donors, tokens that can be used to pay for utility bills, these tokens can also be used as payment for medicine included in RedToken’s sachetised health insurance packages.

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Connecting Health Centers to Donors

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