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We need 40 Billon $ / year to stop deforestratioon. To provide Sustainable Foresty, will help to slow this down, and earn the poor a living.

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Gamification of becoming a Climate Smart Investor by planting Trees on degraded Land for Timber Production and Sustainabillity.

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I am a Forest Engineer and Web Developer (70/30)

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There is no fixed Plan to start this. Just some ideas.

Each Tree is a Smart Contract. Depending on the Typ of Treeplanting there are different Smart Cotracts. The Forestry Crowd can decide on the way of Forest or Tree Managemant by staking their Coins on the Tree or Forest Area.

This process that leads to the planting of Trees depends aon various factors.

Type of Contract, Type Environment, Type of Revenue for the Tree owners, managers, etc.

Mybe there could be a whole Supply Chain Solution – Crowed Forestry > Forest > Timber > Products. At each Step is Staking & Investment ..

Timber Production Smart Contract – After a certain Time, the trees will be harvested and liquidated on the market.

Carbon Sequestration Smart Contract – An “ideal” carbon sequestration forest is one where the owner is able to sell carbon credits each year until the forest sequestration rate plateaus, at which time the forest could be harvested and the harvest revenue used to repay the carbon liability. The forest could then be replanted and start sequestering CO2 for another rotation of carbon sales.

Keywords: Taungya, Forest Financing, Collaborative Partnership on Forests, Agroforestry

Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 1000000

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Crowd Forestry

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