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  • Problem statement :

    Crowdfunding platforms that do not accept payments with cryptos and have no control over the funds.
    Many of the financings end in scam.

    Describe your solution to the problem

    To release the project funds, investors must authorize them with a Smart Contract , this will allow more transparency and security.

    Relevant experience

    Experience in team management, job planning, market analysis and a leading CEO personality.

    Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

    Our vision of the project 2 years away

    We would like to launch the first Crowdfunding platform implementing the Cardano Blockchain Network for ADA cryptocurrency transactions by May 2021.

    Our primary goal is to be a platform, friendly with those using fiat currency to join the ecosystem.

    For June / August 2021 we expect to implement the Crowdlending function, moving to the next level of collective financing.

    Investors who decide to take the Crowdlending pathway will be held off a future remuneration with a percentage of the previously agreed interest, or they will be directly buying a percentage of the company stocks.

    When the platform becomes fully operational with both of the services (Crowdfunding and Crowdlending) we want to make the next step:

    To create the first Network that connects entrepreneurs and people with different kinds of knowledge, making it easier to interact, discuss and undertake new projects, witch nurtures reciprocally from the collective financing platform on both sides. (Estimated to be finished for 2022)

    We want to make it clear that this is not an idea, it is a project that has been underway for 3 months, that we have the business plan and each aspect of it well studied.

    Our Team:

    We are a team of young people, we do not have much experience in the development of start-ups, but we do have a great initiative, where our CEO has a great capacity for leadership, decision-making, ambition and team management.

    We are a total of 6 people, among which there are Marketing, Business Administration, Programming and Information Technology students.

    Between all of us we are dedicating ourselves part-time to be able to carry out this dream.

    Ayax Labombarda, CEO of the project, came alone to Spain, Madrid at the age of 18, leaving everything behind, family, friends.

    To an unknown adventure, to work, study and undertake.

    He has an innate entrepreneurial personality and an interesting market vision.

    Mauricio Armora, who is in charge of the design of the page together with the CEO, has a bit of experience developing a cost division application for roommates.

    Our philosophy:

    We constantly build and work thinking about how to develop the best tools we can bring for any entrepreneur to finance and build their dream to make it a reality.

    Thus, our main question is:

    ¿What can we improve or implement in order to make the path for the entrepreneur and the investor more efficient?

    For this reason, we focus on 3 main content areas to develop the project:

    1) Web Design: Being a service provided by a web page, we attach great importance to the user experience within it, taking care of even the smallest detail.

    We want to develop a simple, professional and interactive web page, where each page will be clean, without excess information, with a correct and simple cataloging.

    2) Payment options: The platforms that provide a similar service (KickStarter, IndieGogo, Ulele, Crowdfunder, Patreon) only accept means of payment by card, which sometimes limits the possibility of the investor.

    That’s why we aim to use the Cardano Blockchain to implement payment via ADA or other Cryptocurrency, allowing transfers at a lower cost and making transactions faster.

    We also thought about receiving payments by bank transfers, which is useful, since it would avoid the cost of credit or debit card payment gateways.

    Also, by automating the corroboration of transfers it might let change fiat money in an exchange to a lower cost.

    (The option to include Paypal and Skrill was analyzed and ruled out due to the high commissions.)

    3) Security, transparency and efficiency: Using the platform, we will ensure investors that the money collected goes to a totally decentralized account, where the administrator will be able to use the money collected for different kinds of payments, such as providers.

    It will allow each person investing into the project to participate by authorizing the relevant transfers, or they will be free to leave over the other investors (authorize the payments).

    The idea is to allow investors to know exactly where the money is being transferred and if there is any doubt on their part, they can contact the project team whenever they want to ask questions about the transactions.

    There will also be the option for each project to decide to accept this option or to decline:

    ¿What we provide to Cardano Family?

    With our marketing proposal, we hope that many people who usually use fiat currency will start using cryptocurrencies and become interested in the Cardano project.

    We open the platform to investors who hold cryptocurrencies, to be able to use them without having to change them to fiat currency.

    We are implementing a very important utility such as the financing of projects external to the blockchain network.

    And hundreds to thousands of smart contracts deployed within the Cardano Blockchain.

    And of course, the opportunity to use our open source for your own ideas, or the same platform to finance your own projects!

    Rights of the development of the project.

    We will provide both the website and the writing of Smart Contracts open source and totally free of charge.

    We think that the best way to improve is to open the code to anyone who wants to get their hands on it, cooperation and evolution of technology without a community is synonymous with limiting the potential and success of a project.

    Regarding the company’s image and name, they will be patented in the EU. That does not imply that they can´t be shared freely by people.

    This project is not a DAO, however, we will have a close relationship with the community, to be able to offer them the best treatment and corresponding service.

    Marketing details:

    We will focus our marketing campaign on the RRSS mainly Instagram and Facebook, where we will develop animated videos (like any flat video), explaining the operation of the cardano network and the differences between our platform with the others (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Ulele)

    We believe that the best way to attract the public and adopt the use of cryptocurrencies is by showing them the amount of good things that blockchain technology offers.

    In a simple and practical way, so that all people can understand it.

    Budget details:

    Development costs to May.

    Server and database testing costs: 500$

    Single payment to collaborators for the development of the project = 2.400$

    Cost of the domain and certificates = 300$

    Smart Contract Audit = 5000$

    Marketing = 800$

    Total = 9.000$

    Wages to May.

    CEO Company’s (Full Time) = 2.800$

    Programmers and web designers (Part Time) = 2.800$

    Total= 28.000


    9.000$ (Development costs) + 28.000$ (Wages of 5 people) + 1.500$ Risk fund / Total = 38.500$


    Web design completed (Open to changes for the community) February.

    Front-End Finished / February – March.

    Back-End Finished / May.

    Our social networks, to be aware of all the progress of the project!





    Next updates on the project!

    Tuesday 01/26 we will present the first prototype of the web page, where you will be able to see most of the web pages, we will present 2 color palettes and we will have the communication channels of social networks and discord, so that you can give us your feedback !


    We are open to all questions you want to ask, doubts, recommendations, proposals, thanks so much for ur time!

    Requested funds in USD. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. Payment will be in ada. 38500

    Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur

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Crowdfunding platform with ADA

Goal: $38,500.00
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Maurici Armora portfolio Junior full-stack developer BarcelonaMaurici Armora portfolio, a junior full-stack developer especialized in Ruby on Rails.

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