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SuperRare, Known Origin, Makersplace, Rarible… look them up. They are all marketplaces for NFT (Non fungible token) art. They are all based in the Ethereum blockchain. They move A LOT of money and have a growing community of artists and collectors (20 or 30k) that spend the hole day creating, minting, buying and selling cryptoart.

So the market already exist. And is working super well (Im an artist myself, although all the Eth i make I turn it into Ada haha). but of course there is a problem: gas fees.

There are weeks in which the artists cannot mint (put art in a smart contract) new pieces because is too expensive. And I see people is getting sick of that. I heard that Tezos want to take over this market, but I believe they dont have the community that we do.

We need to make a platform, convince some good and influencial artists (I know almost all of them because Im part of the community), and take over this big market to gain new users and the prestige that only art can give.

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Cryptoart in the Cardano Blockchain

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Cryptoart in the Cardano Blockchain


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