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Current political parties and politicians are having troubles with serving their voters and keeping their integrity.

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DAO decision making political system based on Cardano to provide transparency, security and anonymity of voting designed to run on elections

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Deep insight in local political system, employment at a company that has software solutions for management of large businesses, engineer.

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In the majority of current political systems, new political parties are having difficulty communicate and validate their opinions and made promises, as the political discourse is set up to support already established parties and disregard all the new ones with media spins and undermining their attempts to have integrity (my analogy of honest political party is that it is like playing chess but can’t afford to lose any piece on board).

The idea here is to make a DAO system that would operate in a very similar way to a Project Catalyst, but is adapted to a new goal that would be competing in the elections. It would not be created to form a government in the beginning, but to evaluate current government decisions through influencing of government issued new regulations voting in parliament. If the specific elections results in parliament are divided, then the smaller party has the majority needed by bigger political parties to form a stable government.

For example, if you have 200 elected parliamentarians, the party that forms a government is the one that has 101+ votes in parliament. In a case where two larger parties have each 90 parliamentarians won, and this DAO system holds remaining 20 or even eleven votes, this smaller amount of votes could directly influence the decisions of a forming government with the majority leverage. The logic of giving a support to a specific party is then easy to generate:

Party 1: x elected officials
Party 2: y elected officials
DAO pollitika: z elected officials

if x +z and y + z = majority:
if z + x (is greater than) z + y:
support x
support y
else if x + z or y + z = majority:
support majority

That would be the logic for government forming support that would give the majority a chance to form a government, but leaves every single decision to a decentralized democratic processes. That way this system would ensure bigger leverage on a government while still supporting the majority. This DAO system would also remain transparent and would made political trades with it impossible as the system administrators have no means to manipulate the votes made inside of it. System administrators would be merely bureaucrats that support the voting and invite more interested parties to join the process of making the best decisions they can come up with, so it would be a resistant to media spins and integrity corruption of the system itself.
Other than that the possibilities of such a system to run on elections are nearly limitless. Creating community projects or promises through smart contracts as a vouch, issuing party’s coins to support it, votes delegation similar to the ones that are prepared to implement in the Catalyst to create local “political influencers” that have gained trust in local community and have a larger voting impact, transparent funding for development projects of a country or social support to fit the needs of its citizens.
This system is aimed to reevaluate current politics modus operandi and to offer a new way of operating simply by running on the elections as a new party without individual ideals or promises other then believing in democratic processes and community made decisions.
The opportunity for the development Cardano network are obvious. For each country’s implementation by its citizens, it would gain at least 10% of that states population in new participants, and the media coverage would introduce the network via news as a new project developing in their country. In my opinion, if done correctly it would have a massive impact on developing of the network as well as the Project Catalyst principles further development and integration in local communities.

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DAO Politika

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