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Problem statement :

Lack of regulatory clarity for the average crypto holder in their respective jurisdictions. Eg. How to pay taxes on staking rewards?

Describe your solution to the problem

dApp: a decentralized marketplace for accounting services, where users can find accountants that can help them in their jurisdiction

Relevant experience

I don’t have any experience, I’m just a user who would be willing to use such a service. I might be useful in brainstorming sessions.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

Here I’ll try to outline how it would work from the user’s perspective.
I open the dApp, I set the location of my city. I look for an accountant or an accounting firm that offers their services. Their profiles would have to include some links to their websites where I could find provable track record in the centralized world, any certifications and degrees.
This dApp might also have a rating system with users leaving their reviews.
Once I find an accountant, I set up a meeting, whether in the city I live or online, and have a chat with them, if I find them suitable, I can pay them and they will help me file my taxes correctly. An example of a question: “How to pay taxes on staking rewards, on yield farming and trading?”

I just wanted to get the idea out there, I wouldn’t have the faintest clue how and where to start, hence it will surely be insightful for me if a team picks up this idea and I can follow their work to learn from the process.

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dApp: Accounting Services

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