Short Story

Problem statement :

See PDF attached

Decentralised funding is a highly complicated system/process and we still need to figure out how to make it all work.

Describe your solution to the problem

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We were involved in a similar project before which worked very well and we can write out a report to learn from it.

Relevant experience

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  • Experience with decentralised funding systems
  • Been in the Finance space for over a decade
  • Degree in Economics
Website/GitHub repository (not required)
Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

“Sounds really interesting. I think it could be a valuable contribution to translate your experience into a proposal. I think you have a good baseline of impact, feasibility and relevant experience that can make this a highly rated proposal.”

Dor Garbash (Project Manager @ IOHK)

Note: Requested funds have been updated on 21st October 2020 from 377000k ADA to 276644 ADA to reflect the new $ exchange rate of 0.104828 ADA/USD. Slide 8 in the PDF attached has also been updated to reflect the new figures.

Requested funds in ada. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 276644

Which of these definitions apply to you? Stakepool operator, Entrepreneur, Developer, Other/Prefer not to say, Community manager

Decentralised Funding – Report

Goal: $276,644.00
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