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Football betting pools face limitations due to lack of transparency, inconvenient buy-ins/payouts, and require trust in a centralized party.

Describe your solution to the problem

I will create a dapp that will allow casual fans to easily create and participate in transparent football betting pools of various prices.

Relevant experience

I am a professional TypeScript developer working in the banking industry.

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If anyone has ever played Super Bowl Squares then this proposal will be recognizable. This is a fun lottery style betting system that I believe will drive adoption repeatedly during the fall and winter months for the average user and football fan.

I will complete and deploy a factory contract to the Cardano blockchain that will allow users to host betting pools for NFL season games. This factory contract will deploy a “Board” contract for any game at the request of a Host user.

Using an oracle network like Chainlink, the factory contract will receive verified scores from an off-chain score provider (TheRundownIO) to minimize calls to the scores API.

Board contracts will have 100 available entries or “Squares” that will be set to a price that the Host user will determine.

Users will pay the fee for a board and a Square will be assigned to them or they can choose any available square of their liking.

After all 100 squares are purchased, the board contract will make calls to a chainlink node to receive verified randomness. The random numbers will be used to scramble the digits 0-9 two times for the purpose of creating a number grid for the 10 rows and columns of squares that have been purchased.

Host users can request the factory contract get fresh scores at any time by paying for the chainlink call.

If a game for a board contract has ended, the factory contract will emit the event that a game has ended and the Board factory will get final scores from the Factory contract. Then the board contract will select winners based on the last digit of the scores for each game quarter. 8 winners will be selected and 90% of the funds will be paid to winners. The Host user will receive ~10% of the board funds as a reward for bringing users to the platform.

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Decentralized Football Betting Pool

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