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Problem statement :

CENTRALIZED Hollywood Studios, Mainstream News & Music can censor, suppress, defame, or blacklist any artist at any time for no reason

Describe your solution to the problem

Create a DECENTRALIZED studio ecosystem on Cardano to fund & distribute independent artists who desire to benefit people, planet & future

Relevant experience

David A Stone award winning producer, committed to building a decentralized streaming, distribution & funding network for artists on Cardano

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A Detailed Roadmap of PHASE 1 : ‘Charles’

Breakdown all of the key milestones we intend to hit once funding is received

– Within 1 Month of receiving funding:

o Build Core Development and Design Team within the Cardano Catalyst Community

o KPI= Identify and bring on a 3-Core Developer team capable of designing, coding and implementing tokens, wallets and an exchange on Cardano.

– Within 3 Months of receiving funding:

o Working with the Core team to Create the Goldstone coin (GSN) on the Cardano blockchain and additionally incentivize core team with Goldstones.

o KPI= Goldstone Coin is built, tested and ready to launch.

o KPI= Core Team is incentivized with Goldstones

– Within 6 Months of receiving funding:

o Create the ‘Treasure Chest’ Exchange and Wallet on Goldstone.Network people can purchase Goldstones and store them for further team building throughout Phase 2

o KPI= The Exchange and Wallet have been developed and tested and ready to deploy on the cardano blockchain

– Within 9 Months of receiving funding:

o Design and Build a staking system within the Treasure Chest Wallet that can stake ADA to Mint new Goldstones – Then additionally Stake Goldstones and earn interest by holding them.

IP Policy:

– The Goldstone vision and direction will guided by CEO David A Stone

– A Board will be developed from core team members and early adopters which will bring a community consensus vote to key decisions.

– The Technology behind the Goldstone Network is intended to be Peer Reviewed and Open Source. Since we are building on Cardano open source platform,

– The video content on the network is owned 75% by the artist and 25% by Goldstone Enterprises LLC to improve the network and fund more projects

Defining Success: for full Goldstone ecosystem:

– + On-chain token incentive system with multiple ways to earn

– + decentralized movie studio and streaming video network with funding and distribution for selected creators

– + decentralized social media platform integrating with token system and streaming video network


Phase 1: ‘Charles’ – First 6 months: fund raising, team-building, Design, Build and Launch GSN Coin, Wallet + Exchange on Cardano,

Phase 2: ‘Andrew’ – Design/Build Decentralized Social Media Platform that Integrates with the Goldstone coin –

– Design MySocialStone DeSo (Decentralized Social Media)

– Design DePro flow and framework (Decentralized Profile)

– Design the DePop Rating (Decentralized Popularity)

Phase 3: ‘Temple’ – Streaming Network Design/Build on

Phase 4: ‘Steve’ – Mainnet launch of Streaming Network

After Mainnet launch, Goldstone holders will be able to vote on funding new content pilots submitted by possible creators. 1 GSN = 1 vote Community consensus will govern new content pilots once Mainnet is achieved.

Phase 5: ‘Nelson’ – Scaling

Building and strengthening the Goldstone GEBIC Treasury Fund (Global Entertainment and Blockchain Incubator on Cardano) as outreach to attract the best creators in the world. Its main goal is to be a decentralized original content funding source for creators plus to provide funding for Network enhancements, improvements, project execution and implementation.

Requested funds in USD 100000

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Decentralized Studio on Cardano

Goal: $100,000.00
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