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DeFi and Microlending for Africa

Challenge question :

How can we enable the creation of micro-lending and Defi dApp solutions that fits the African setting?

Why is it important?

Microlending and DeFi dApps targeted specifically to the African context & based on historical cultural norms will accelerate user adoption

How does success look like?

Businesses are confident to submit well-researched proposals that address the African micro-lending and decentralized finance context

Key Metrics to measure

  • Submitted proposals well researched, viable and addresses traditional African financial cultural norms and practices
  • 3 or more successfully funded micro-lending and Defi dApp launched within the next 3 funding rounds
  • Minimum 50% user adoption in funded proposal’s target market within 2 years

Challenge brief

Coming soon….

Requested funds in USD 90000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Stakepool operator, Community manager, Marketing professional, Teacher, Developer

DeFi and Microlending for Africa

Goal: $90,000.00
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