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Problem statement :

Existing solutions are overwhelming with information about the whole ecosystem instead of focusing on the pool.

Describe your solution to the problem

Maximizing the profit for pool operators and delegators on basis of better insights. We think there is space for a better focused solution.

Relevant experience

We have 5 years experience in Blockchain development on basis of Solidity. Mobile and cloud native solutions. We have a dev team of 8 people

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Delegation and reward tracker

We’d like to maximize the profit for pool operators and delegators on the basis of better insights. For pool operators we provide the metrics that will help them to monitor the health and performance of the pool so that they can attract more delegators or keep existing delegators satisfied in the pool. For pool delegators, we provide the pool metrics such that they can make decisions to switch to a better rewarding pool. Our recommendation engine suggests pools suitable to them based on certain performance metrics.


The current solutions available are delivering an overwhelming amount of information, mostly on the basis of facts read from the blockchain which not everybody can analyse to make a better decision that fits their pool or delegation.

We think there is space for a better focused solution personalized to fit user pools and delegations.

Developments done by us so far:

Architecture design of the solution

Development of the backend API’s of the solution to retrieve all the facts from the blockchain

UI/UX design for the Dapp (mobile and web)

Prototype of the web application


We are aiming to provide an easy to use app for the stake pool operators and the delegators to give them a better tool to monitor their performance and maximize their profits.


We are a software company with a development team that has several years experience in blockchain application development, mostly with Ethereum & Solidity. Next to this, our team gained a good knowledge of artificial intelligence and machine learning over the years which we believe will help to create valuable insights for the pool delegators and operators.

Previously, we have successfully built a security token issuance platform and mobile wallet that is deployed in production since 2019.

We believe in collaboration and like to help each other to bring ideas to reality that adds value to the ecosystem. We are actively working together with another team SOMINT that aims to build a NFT Marketplace in Cardano.


To realize this idea we are asking for 15K $ for six months.


Our team consists of a business developer, a project manager and two blockchain developers with knowledge of AI and machine learning.


Pool operators and delegators are in the forefront to drive the cardano ecosystem. We believe giving the right tools to them to be able to make the right decisions helps to strengthen the overall ecosystem.

As such, our solution helps the pool operators and delegators to better understand and digest the information they really need. We think our focus on simplifying the factual information with useful insights will drive adoption of the blockchain by non-technical users.


One month: Build the infrastructure and server side APIs required for the data.

Three months: Have the web version ready and launch it.

Get community feedback and improve. Get 100 pool operators and delegators

Four months: Launch the mobile app beta version. Get community feedback.

Six months: Goal: acquire 1000 pool operators and delegators.


We consider the solution successful in case we have acquired (we will actively interact with stake pool operators) the majority of the stake pools (1000+) and delegators using it on a daily basis.

The success of the project can be measured by the following metrics:

– Number of app downloads

– Number of pool operators and delegators using the app (Daily/Monthly active users)

– Measure of pool loyalty of delegators

– The extra profit (in ada) earned by the delegators using the app insights


We plan to open source some parts of the solution so other people can use them to build more awesome tools that help the whole cardano ecosystem.


We believe there is room to improve the ecosystem by providing solutions that deliver more value to the ecosystem.

A solution like ours that provides not just factual data from the blockchain but simplifies, aggregates and personalizes the information, is complementary to most of the existing tools in the market and adds value to the users.

Furthermore, it is good to give choices to the users to be able to select the best tool for them. By providing diversity of tools in the ecosystem, the ecosystem as such will thrive.

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Delegation and reward tracker

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