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If you’ve ever been a developer or worked with developers, the biggest resource constraint is having access to relevant, up to date information about what can and cannot be technically available or functional, or what will be available in up coming releases.

As Cardano grows, a large number of experienced developers will be interested in what they can functionally transition across, adapt to or will need to re-learn, to be able to develop products and services on Cardano. Providing an official portal for Cardano Developers to collaborate, share or submit ideas, request support for troubleshooting or debugging, will achieve a number of goals:

1. Provide an initial point of contact for developers to learn, share and discuss Cardano

2. Promote, grow and demonstrate the developer community engagement in the Cardano ecosystem

3. Build a useful knowledge repository to support Cardano Developers

4. Encourage new developers to try out Cardano

5. Showcase Cardano developments

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Developer Support Portal

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Developer Support Portal


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