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Problem statement :

There is no space developed for the entrepreneur, connecting individuals around the world and financing start-ups.

Describe your solution to the problem

Develop a space for entrepreneurs, providing a collective financing platform decentralizing payments and facilitating management.

Relevant experience

Experience in startup development, team management, market vision and knowledge in blockhain.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

Clarifying the difference in the use of this money and the presentation of Fund 3 DApp Proposal:
The Fund 3 DApp proposal was raised specifically for the development of the crowdfuding platform, as well as its detailed information on the project.
In this new proposal Fund 4 Developer Ecosystem, we have presented the project at a general level, we believe that our mission and our objectives go hand in hand with Catalyst and Cardano itself.

What’s Innovatio?
Innovatio is a project that arose from the idea of creating a space for entrepreneurs, offering them a platform with maximum profits, being able to connect people all over the world, with different knowledge and the same interests, and supporting the creation of start-ups to international level.


Why Innovatio so?
Innovatio was founded under 3 fundamental pillars, its development, focus and motivation are based on these.


Our ABC in decision making are

A) TRANSPARENCY, SECURITY AND EFFICIENCY: We use blockchain technology because it provides us with a blockchain mechanism that allows it to be accessible to everyone, the data that is recorded in each block is practically impossible to change and is much more efficient than the mechanisms current.


B) SIMPLEITY, USEFULNESS AND EDUCATION: We seek the correct balance between simplicity and usefulness, we want to develop services that are easy to understand and manage, that require little time to learn and are highly useful.
As a consequence, we emphasize technological education and its derivatives, we believe that the best way to explain and demonstrate the usefulness of these services is by showing them in practice.


C) LEADERSHIP, AMBITION AND COMMUNITY: We are a private initiative with a clear mission, to be the main space for any individual wanting to start or develop in the world of work, it will be paid or not.
This mission is a very shared one among many people who want to collaborate with their grain of sand, therefore, we are always attentive to the needs of entrepreneurs to satisfy them, as well as to the different projects that arise and are aligned with our objectives.


Each project that is developed under our name and in our hands, will be thought and developed under these 3 fundamental principles.

Team and Advisor’s
Ayax Labombarda, is the CEO and Founder of this project, he has been a person who from his youth has had a leading and determined attitude.
His anarcho-capitalist vision defines very well the way in which he deals with this idea, creating a space to relate individuals and contribute to the creation of new ideas and projects.
For this, he has found other people who share his idea and vision and has been able to put together a team of collaborators and people more committed to the project.
He has met different people on his way, most of them students in different branches, and other experienced workers who want to contribute to the construction of the project.


Michael Craig // (949mac): Michael Craig is the founder and CEO of ByteLaunch, Michael has worked with a wide variety of organizations, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, to solve hundreds of technical challenges. As an advisor, Michael’s committed to Innovatio’s vision and provides his experience as a technical expert and entrepreneur in support of this project.


What do we bring to the Cardano ecosystem?

  • Crowdfunding/Crowdlending platform that delegates the management of funds in Smart-Contracts Multisignals deployed on the Cardano blockchain.
  • All the technology developed for the project will be provided open-source for whoever wants.
  • Support for the technological transaction of the decentralization of data and user privacy, accompanied by an educational plan for all users outside this world.
  • A space developed for entrepreneurs and all people who want to collaborate with each other for the same interest, without the need for financial retribution.
  • The development of a community of entrepreneurs and developers who want to collaborate with each other for the same interest, without the need for financial compensation.
  • The commitment as a company to bet on this technology and contribute to Cardano’s vision, helping others.



Q2 (Abril – June 2021)

  • Present the work teams and in what area.
  • Explain through animated videos, mission and vision of the company, as the development of the different projects.
  • Have clear channels of communication with the community, as well as continuous use of social networks.
  • Audit as a company in Estonia.
  • Obtain private financing for the long term.
  • Have the crowdfunding service developed in the pre-launch stage



  • Obtain financing to guarantee the project and its long-term mission.
  • Explain the project in a didactic and practical way, so that everyone can quickly become interested.
  • Demonstrate the commitment assumed with the community, having easy access to communication with the team.
  • Adapt the discord server for an easy exchange of ideas and a way of connecting people.



  • Develop the MVP of the crowdfunding platform.
  • Have the complete organization chart of the entire work team and its tasks.
  • Start with a presence in social networks and internet communities.
  • Have the necessary funds for each step of the project.
  • Have all branches of the project in a dynamic process of development and research.


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Requested funds in USD 50000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur

Developers and Entrepreneur Space

Goal: $50,000.00
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