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Problem statement :

Current Plutus documentation is not very user-friendly, lacking real case examples, does not display a journey to Cardano dev eco-system

Describe your solution to the problem

Create more user-friendly website, add interesting use cases, accept small community project samples from various fields, community Q/A

Relevant experience

Computer science degree, +3 years devOps, software engineering, +1 year MLOps, AI (Pytorch), +9 months in blockchain, + some Haskell now

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

The idea for this proposal is to have a nice journey like experience for new comers when going through documentation.


Imagine a website which you visit and it takes you from point A to point Z and by the end of this journey you accumulate enough knowledge to start building your own solutions in various fields by utilising ADA blockchain network. That would be the key goal of this proposal going forward.


If successful in this challenge a discord channel pertaining to this proposal/website will be created where developers will be able to help one another to learn the best development principles. That channel will only be created when the website is actually deployed, must focus on website execution first.


Ideally need to have a segmentation for real-use cases, for example “Social”, “Sports”, “Financial industry”, “Science”, “Health” etc. Each of these will consists of a few, very simple samples how to develop blockchain solutions, lets say in “Social”, you may find something like a very simple version of “Social Rating System” – the goal here is to provide an example, and an end-user should be able to add more further features on the top of it if necessary. If you click on “Sports”, you may find examples like “Soccer team management” and so on.


This level of documentation, friendliness, and journey like experience should ideally encourage people to start developing or at least trying to develop their own solutions in various fields.


At the moment we have Plutus and other documentation with “Hello World”, and wallet related functionalities, which are fine by itself but it can and should be improved even further.


The design of the website of course has to be super mint and meet the standards of Cardano’s website, it has to be just as good or even better.


Along this journey, more things will be added, for example utilisation of SingularityNet oracle like solution, provide with really interesting examples – if Charles is correct (which i think he is), the SingNet along with Wolfram will be able to provide us with very interesting datasets to experiment with and have more real case examples. Showing those examples and encouraging people to use it will be highly advantageous for our dev eco-system.



So summarising my proposal is just to have a nice documentation for new-comers with some online support. When I began my journey in web-dev, cloud computing I had to learn all the things manually from the actual documentation whether it was RabbitMQ, Kafka, K8s, Docker or other things, and I always thought that it would be much nicer to have a website that just shows you the journey in Cloud Computing from A to Z, so that you just know what components are there, and what their use cases are.


A similar idea I am proposing here but for our Cardano development eco-system.


I really like the Cardano project and really want to contribute to the development of our eco-system. I do really want to be involved in this and use my skills and knowledge to push this project further.



As for assistance, I have friends (software engineers) who would be happy to help me in pushing this forward (if I ever need to) if i’m successful in this challenge. Designers may need to be hired, I have contacts.




Need to pay for:


  1. Designer


  1. Ongoing monthly costs for GCP (Cloud provider)


  1. My time and other professionals that may be involved in this along the way


The runway is for 1 year and by the end of the first quarter you can def expect a fully functioning website with more samples and possibly a well structured roadmap going forward. The project is obviously non-profit, so may join another challenge next year, so that US as a community can keep supporting when it proves itself to be quite useful for developers.


Some metrics will be added to track the usage of the website to prove its usefulness to the Cardano’s community.

Requested funds in USD 65000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Developer


Development Journey Documentation

Goal: $65,000.00
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