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Medusa AdaWallet – is a free of charge community-driven project of a light wallet combining the best features of other existing offerings.

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Direct funding will help us to spend more time on development and implementing greater number of useful requested features.

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Computer Science degree;

8 years of web-development;

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Medusa AdaWallet – is a free of charge community-driven project of a light wallet combining the best features of other existing offerings.


Medusa was the first ITN-compatible public wallet and was released before ITN Daedalus and ITN Yoroi. It worked more consistently and reliably during the “bloody ITN storms” that a lot of ITN users (both stake pool operators and delegators) might remember. We listen to our community, so Medusa’s UX is more intuitive and simple than others. We are providing smart solutions and automatizations if possible to smooth all “corners” of UX for our users.


Medusa’s features:

  1. Multi-user platform, There is a «logout» button!
  2. 100% anonymous — we do not collect any user-related data. No email, phone or password needed. There are no any analytics scripts.
  3. We don’t store any plain-text data. Everything is hashed or encrypted, even user’s login.
  4. There are no passwords could be brute-forced or leaked from another service. We use the OTP-based solution in strict accordance with RFC 4226 requirements.
  5. If your phone/auth device was stolen – it’s not a problem. Your funds are still protected by your payment password, so you have enough time to create a new user-account and restore your wallets with your mnemonics. The wallet will be automatically detached from previous user-account and attached to a new one. There is only one owner – the owner of the keys. Not the owner of OTP-generator 🙂
  6. There is smart Byron2Shelley converter which provides a smooth migration path, with detailed explanation of each step along the way.
  7. Medusa is compatible with desktop browsers as well as their mobile versions.
  8. As a part of Cardano ecosystem, Medusa is 100% compatible with Yoroi and Daedalus. We do not wire our users to our product like some wallets do… the same mnemonics can be used across all three for recovery/restoring needs.
  9. There is a convenient “send all” button, sorely missed in current Daedalus! And it has been there for long time.
  10. Timely and responsive support is available via Medusa Wallet channel on Telegram, ready to solve almost any issue you might run into. Why not all issues, you might ask? Well, it’s a blockchain – we can not revert wrong transaction or restore lost keys etc.



But…the current version is based on the cardano-wallet software and has some compromise solutions which we want to eliminate. This version is no longer under active development, with the main focus now being on a new re-designed version, based on cardano-db-sync and Emurgo’s CDDL.


The main aspects of current situation are:

  1. Medusa v0.95, current version, is in maintenance mode with only important bug fixes being applied but is stable and will operate until v2.0 release.
  2. v0.95 wont have assets and multi-account support, Medusa v2.0 will.
  3. v2.0 brings all logic related to sensitive data to the client-side. Server is not involved in key-processing anymore, just cloud-storage and sync-point.
  4. Despite point #3, users wont have any problems with migration to the v2.0 – it will be seamless. We implemented cardano-memory-combine encryption, so users could use their keys with their payment passwords without any issues.
  5. We’ve spent a lot of time on research of the mechanics which can guarantee truly-secure client-side keys storing and processing – and were successful. We use browser’s threads as a smart session storage with no direct access from outside. The same applies to all other key operations like sign, derivations, etc. The main thread (with 3rd party injections like extensions do) can’t even touch any sensitive data.
  6. Also v2.0 has a MITM-resistant end-to-end-encryption system equipped with shared independent Diffie Hellman based calculations between server and client.
  7. Our registration/login system was also overhauled. For example, user’s OTP key calculation is also based on Diffie Hellman shared calculations, so there is no OTP-key transferring between client and server.
  8. GUI-engine was rewritten from a scratch for v2.0. Now it’s more flexible, responsible and faster.
  9. v2.0 will be launched in the Testnet first, eventually replacing v0.95 in the mainnet.
  10. Medusa — is a community driven project. So within the new version we will use community-curated SMASH servers by default and implement some additional features to assist with decentralization of the network and minimizing chances of over-saturation.
  11. We’ve spent more than 3 month on research and now the project is in GUI rewriting and UX re-designing phase.



The first release will contain just core functionality – balance syncing, simple transactions, staking, the basic operations.
And there are some planned modules/features requested by our community:

  • Security center – sessions and OTP-keys management.
  • Contacts, user2user payments, named addresses.
  • Widgets like Paypal’s “donate button”, etc.
  • Payment gate – integration tool and API for stores, markets, services and other mass adoption stuff.
  • Native mobile applications.
  • Escrow accounting model.


And do some marketing…
We are working hard, but could definitely use some more person-hours to help with tackling the Medusa wallet roadmap.


The project is totally free, there are no hidden fees and we want to keep this policy. We also have a stake pool, but it’s delegation levels are subject to fluctuation, so cannot be counted on for a reliable income stream to support the work – something that we are hoping the direct funding can assist with.

Requested funds in USD 30000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Stakepool operator

Direct funding: Medusa AdaWallet

Goal: $30,000.00
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Medusa AdaWallet – wallet for CardanoSend, receive and securely store your ADA with Medusa, the web-based AdaWallet.


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