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Why is solving this problem important to the mission of Project Catalyst? :

To increase efficiency and provide clarity to voters.

Can you articulate the gap between the current state and the expected or envisioned state?

There were many proposals that were posted in Fund3 and it can take some time scrolling down through a single drop down list. If we categorize proposals and and have separate category tabs, this will increase voting efficiency. Also once we cast our votes, the history of our past votes disappear and I found myself looking through the same proposals and wondering if I already voted on it. If there is a label or check mark next to proposals that we already voted on, that would solve this. Lastly, after casting my votes, I do not see any voting rewards and I wonder if my votes were counted or when/if I will receive any rewards.

How might the value of solving this problem be quantified and/or measured? (optional)

These are issues at the core level. As voters, we want to continue to contribute to Cardano, but the Catlyst interface needs to provide verification for our votes (via voting history tab) and separate proposals into categories. This will increase the overall effectiveness of the Catalyst voting system and increase user experience.

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Disorganized listing of proposals, lack of clarity after casting votes

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Disorganized listing of proposals, lack of clarity after casting votes


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