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+ Dev incentives in Cameroon

Problem statement :

Need welcoming space for developers to come together and brainstorm solutions (on a community level) built on blockchain technology.

Describe your solution to the problem

Offer gateway into the world of blockchain, incentivizing Hub attendance and participation by providing necessary community support.

Relevant experience

Local Team: Skilled bilingual (English/French) software developers and educators (STEM), hospitality, outreach, and marketing specialists

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

1 – Physically install programming library (100+ Programming books already acquired) in local Cameroon school (partner)
2 – Upgrade virtual library (1,000+ courses through Udemy and Virtual Pair Programmer) to business account to allow shared access
3 – Finalize teacher trainings (in Lambda Calculus, Elm, Servant, Haskell and Plutus)
4 – Set up reoccurring after school meet-ups (physical and online) for programmers/aspiring programmers and other community members
The overall goal is to make the Hub more accessible to average Cameroonian community members by offering incentives to attract people to the program such as: free childcare, older child tutoring, language courses/support, games, and snacks
This will set the ground for then next phase of our Hub which is dapps development and integration.
**Already have: educational materials, highly skilled technical team, school partnership, physical space

Requested funds in USD 9000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Teacher, Entrepreneur


+ Dev incentives in Cameroon

Goal: $9,000.00
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