Short Story

Problem statement :

A lot of companies use legacy ERP systems.

Integration and automation take time per company.

ERP systems are costly to maintain

Describe your solution to the problem

Open-Source ERP platform for dapps that leverage Cardano products and architecture.

The platform is governed by stakeholders.

Relevant experience

Overseeing engineering projects by organizing and controlling its project elements.

Designing and conducting software product tests.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

There is currently small competition for open source resource planning platforms.
Cardano is a great place to start building ERP tools because of automated protocols (smart contracts) and decentralized immutable ledger.

In this ERP platform, we want to allow users to set up business operations with a simple login and without having to install anything.
All the tools in the platform will have to have built-in user guides.
Documentation has to built into the code, so it will be dynamically changing based on the tools you are using.

With this funding, I want to put together a potential team.
A plan on how to build the platform.
And finally, find at least 1 partner who is willing to integrate with the platform to solve their problem.

Roadmap – 3 weeks
I am going to assemble a team to choose a tech stack on what we are going to build the platform on.
A good choice at the start will get us will the results faster and improves the adoption speed. However more in-depth analysis of the used technology and methods has to be done as the platform grows.

I will set myself out to find answers like:
What tools are we going to use to build the platform?
How these tools and products on the platform are going to be connected?
Plan out how are we going to connect the platform-tools with the IOHK products.
What information are we going to and can put in the blockchain?

I have imagined building a development tool on Objective C and make it interpretable by different scripting languages to make it easily customizable for developers.

A user interface should be made for the browser.

Some tools have to be made in phone applications. (warehouse or production floor applications)

Cost of execution
I can spare about 20 hours per week.
I assume it will take about 40 hours for each good tech stack overview.
I prefer to analyze at least 3 different tech stacks.
I would need help or hire someone with skills in documentation and analytics to get the research done in 3 weeks.
I will look for a consultation with different developers about different tech stacks.
I will organize free meetings and paid meetings if I have to.
The potential cost for 3 weeks is 1800eur (assuming 15eur/h)
I estimate Consultation and organizing budget around 1000eur.

How many experienced developers there are for a specific language/tool? (GitHub statistics, blogs from google search)
What is the social media sentiment for specific tech stack words? (Reddit, Facebook)
How do they allow for loose coupling?
How easy it is to maintain consistency in data synchronization?
How long it’s expected for the tech stack to remain the same?
How easy it is to learn? (Polled from the community)
How well it is suited for agile development methods?
How long it takes to create a minimum viable product? (We can think of any product examples, looking for something we can create under 6 weeks)


Roadmap 6 weeks
Searching for businesses that will be ready to improve their business operations and processes.

Cost of execution

I have a few contacts who are interested in using new tools to improve businesses.
For a wider reach, I would use social media and create meetups.
I would assume about 60 hours spend on creating content, ads, booking, and events. (assuming 15eur/h)
With a budget of around 1000 eur.
Keep in mind, I don’t have marketing experience. Don’t know how to estimate the marketing cost and time


How many partners are ready to build dapps on the ERP platform? 2 is going to be a good start.
How many partners are willing to integrate with the ERP platform? Taking the baby steps, at least 1 is the goal.


Roadmap 12 weeks – This process starts with Fund 4 (Fund 3 is skipped)
We will create several different forms of documentation to enable the business process. It’s time to start hiring full-time developers to build on the framework.

Project detail document I used to explain the current situation and what it should be. Including high-level solutions that need to be done and who does them.
Technical Documentation will include the information of all the functions required to be created.
A user guide is created to explain how to use the tool.
Platform related documentation is constantly updated every time an open dapp is added.

Cost of execution

Once we know how we are going to build.
We can estimate the cost of creating the platform and required talent.
The minimum team size will be realized from the tech stack research phase.
Once we have the first problem to solve, we can estimate the cost of implementation


How many documentation documents were made? (for every documentation type)
Most likely there is going to be documentations I have not even thought about, I will have an estimate of how many might we need after the tech stack research. For dapp documentation, I assume at least 4 (flowchart, tool overview/purpose, technical documentation, user guide)

How many likes and views documentation has?
I expect 80% of users using the dapp also open documentation and 20% of viewers to vote on the documentation.
How many commits are developers doing in GIT?
I will try to estimate this after the team is formed and the dapp is planned.
How many developers are currently creating funded tasks? Hoping for at least 2.


Roadmap 24 weeks This process starts with Fund 5
There should be first useable products and processes usable and configurable on the platform.
They should bring real-world value to the users.

KPI I will add values for benchmarking after I have gone through the process of creating a minimum viable product.
How many hours did each step take in a project? (documentations, meetings, development, testing, adoption)
What was the estimated time in hours to finish a project step?
What partners think of the added functions? Did it solve their problem?
How many hours of new tasks partners allocate?
How many new feature request is created?
How many hours monthly the end product/process is used.
How many hours are saved comparing to older products/processes?

Requested funds in ada. Only use numbers! No symbols, letters, fractions. 54999

Which of these definitions apply to you? Entrepreneur, Developer, Community manager

ERP Platform for Business Economics

Goal: $54,999.00
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ERP Platform for Business Economics


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