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Problem statement :

Distributed ledger technology and the perceived benefits are not really understood by the general public, developers or entrepreneurs

Describe your solution to the problem

Generate videos and other learning materials through direct mentorship with curious individuals

Relevant experience

– Self taught programmer

– 4 years Agile software development

– Pair programming

– Mentoring developers w/o prior work experience

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

There is huge potential for positive change in the Cardano community. Let’s tell people about it and empower them to contribute!
I’m highly curious in developing an education program that works (people may consume information but don’t really know how to master or apply it). As a self-taught programmer this is one of the things I know how to do quite well.
I am interested in growing new developers who will want to develop on Cardano. Here are a few reasons why:
– There is a large group of people who are already interested in Cardano but do not know how to program
– There is another large group of people who want to make change in the world but don’t know about programming / DLT
– New programmers ask different questions which is important for making accessible learning tools for everyone
– Programming improves your intellect which seems to be generally a good thing
Short term deliverables

– Video content that should inspire people to learn about programming, DLT, and making positive change in the world
– Video content that teaches students programming and about DLT
– Share results of the experiments
Teaching Methodology.– Cultivating the intrinsic motivation is the primary goal of an education
– Respect the intellect and current ability of the students
– Subconscious practical knowledge over theoretical knowledge
– Remove friction and noise
– Learning works best when skills are applied
– grow like a Bamboo forest – go slow to go fast
– reward students (experiment in rewarding $$$ for completion of certain challenges or tasks)
– Radical Transparency – show were all the funds are going
– Open source all the things! Research and learning content
– I haven’t really developed anything on Cardano yet. So I will also be rubbing up against the ecosystem and this is in and of itself already one more developer getting intimate knowledge of the developer ecosystem 🙂

– Education is actually SUPER challenging and i’m a bit scared of the task but i’ll do my best :S


Where will my time / funds go
I plan on writing another proposal to receive more funds after we have shown some progress
– Planning lessons
– Developing questionnaires and standard of measurement
– Video editing
– Mentoring student 1 on 1, Q&A sessions
– Rewarding students
Collaboration Opportunities
If people are interested in this sort of ideas and are interested in evolving it over time please reach out. There is sooo much work to do here.
– video editing
– research
– teaching
– mentoring
– programming
– how to find potential students


Future Works

– Continue the program, full design of a Dapp, from concept to running in production
– Iterate and start expanding the program to students from 3rd world countries, offering them work / jobs on completion
The students

I have 4 people I want to mentor

1 – Kenn – front end developer from Kenya who sees problems in the world he wants to change, he wants to go deeper into coding and is interested in nature preservation in Nairobi

2 – Chrissy – she is currently super excited learning touch typing :), questions everything and wants to make change in the world

3 – Saym – CS undergrad from Bangladesh, is aware of the blockchain space for a while

4 – Clara – Undergraduate studying renewable energy


Who am I?


This work is a stepping stone in a larger set of ideas I’m interested in and working on.
I’m starting a NPO. Information about it will be released here. 

Requested funds in USD 6000

Which of these definitions apply to you? Developer, Entrepreneur, Teacher


Experimental Educational Videos

Goal: $6,000.00
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