Short Story

Problem statement :

We need to capitalize on Goguen, but our network is in its infancy, we need coordination w/ external s-contract devs to deploy use cases.

Describe your solution to the problem

I am looking to onboard Gitcoin as an environment with grants and preexisting network to catalyze the commission of proposals for dapps.

Relevant experience

I have extensively studied digital sectors since 2011 and previously studied hardware modification/ electrical engineering.

Detailed plan (not required) – Fill in here any additional details

Pending release of the Goguen ITN, I would like to get in touch directly with Gitcoin admins to articulate that Cardano is at a stage where the IELE can effectively translate ETH and Solidity, has robust smart contract environment with which to save on transaction fees, and with Emurgo’s current work, can transact with websites via the Yoroi wallet extension . At the same time, I will continue to coordinate with other Catalyst members in Discord as we assemble a small team for the first steps.

We will then add internal Gitcoin channels for Haskell development, with specializations for Plutus and Marlowe (for now, can expand on this later). At this point, we will coordinate with other Fund2 development projects about accelerating productivity and meeting targets. We will explore potential resources on Gitcoin that can help with Cardano-native applications that are decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant, such as Web3.

The goal will be to demonstrate Cardano’s competitive edge as a utility network to Solidity developers already networked on Gitcoin and affiliates thereof, and promote our presence as a viable channel of commerce for other digital networks of distributed systems. I am asking for a small amount so we can initiate a preliminary project for contributing grants/bounties on Gitcoin via voting on Voltaire and donating on Yoroi (this includes contribution to the work already being done by Emurgo), as this would greatly impact our ability to invite other contributors and laypersons to help with sustaining the Cardano enterprise externally, and help spread Cardano’s vision via the high visibility patronage of open source development.

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Form a Haskell group on Gitcoin.

Goal: $12,345.00
By Michael
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Form a Haskell group on Gitcoin.


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